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  1. Just realised that the Hyperspin folder is not the full zip file. When unzipping Windows Defender stops the extraction saying found malware?! It didn't like the Hyperbrite.exe and I presume it is a false positive so I disabled Windows Defender temporarily.
  2. I've downloaded Hyperspin from the Google Play store, on my Shield TV, but when I try to open the app it opens and closes again straight away. I've used it in the past on Windows, so familiar with it. Any ideas why it fails to run? I have tried the Hyperspin folders on both USB and SDcard and same problem persists. I even tried deleting the app and downloading again, same problem.
  3. just FYI, I'm getting more redirects tonight.. (Hyperspin, not checked EmuMovies) PITA this it seems!
  4. Hmm.. I think it had something to do with the default theme missing - also it seems that my HS was not up to date, so I updated it. Not sure which of those things fixed it, but I'll soon find out when I come to do the next system!
  5. Me again! So... I subbed here, and I bit the bullet and subbed over at EmuMovies. I've used Hypersync to download videos (MP4) and it did it all and put them in my Media folder. I only did Nintendo 64 as a test. Anyway... the menu video is fine, but when I go into the games, then the first one 007 something or other plays fine, but when I select others I get no video or anything? The mp4 files all play fine outside of HS and look to be named correctly. Any ideas?
  6. It seems ok now - dunno if you made another change or maybe there was a delay on the changes you made.
  7. Nope, still redirects.. Hyperspin seems fixed though.
  8. Sorry, didn't realise you were the admin or I would have messaged you! Only just paid for Platinum membership here, and once I have more funds, I'll subscribe to your good selves too!
  9. You might wanna let the guys over at Emumovies know that they have the same problem...
  10. Here's a link on how to fix it - hopefully a forum admin will read this soon :-) http://www.blackberryos.com/off-topic-discussion/39854-how-fix-vbulletin-redirecting-filestore72-info-url123-info-etc-redirect-google.html
  11. Not sure if you are aware, but clicking links from Google to this forum sometimes redirect to filestore72.info website. This happens on both my Macbook and also a Windows machine. I've scanned the Windows machine with Malwarebytes and it's clean. Did a bit of reading around and it seems it may be a vbulletin vulnerability?
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