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  1. Great! Thank you, old fourm posts had me believe I needed to wait for access. This just made my night a lot more interesting haha. Who needs sleep!
  2. Hello, I donated early this morning and realize this can take a little time to kick in, but I was curious how I will access the FTP. I'm sure there's a program I will need to download and some kind of login credentials, i'd just like to be pointed in the right direction. I noticed I have the 'Platinum Member' for my profile so that must be automated at least
  3. Ahhh okay, no problem. Thanks for the quick response!
  4. I've been using Hyperspin for about 2 weeks now and love every second of setting up this beatifully made front end. I'm blown away with how helpful this community is to answer questions since I've had about 50 answered so easily by browsing the fourms. Anyway, onto the question. Am I able to donate $25 to obtain gold this week then go on to donate an additional $15 I believe it is to reach platinum? Think of it as a question of an upgrade. Thanks for all the help!
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