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  1. Are you using a windows shell replacement? i was using one, and it was that.
  2. Hello guys, i always liked that Starky & Hutch car paintjob... so i though that would be awesome for one of my slim cabs... here are the results so far.. (work in progress) 32" inch vertical LCD I have to finish: Control under base with light Top Marquee LCD Bezels Back Door Front paintjob LCD plexi cover 4 Channel Audio with Subw lights
  3. Hello guys. maybe someone can help me.. Im having this weird problem, when i setup hyperspin, with Taitox2 and Daphne, (for a cab) When i unplug the mouse, daphne wont load the games, and taitox2 when you hit escape button, alot of time gets stuck and with resolution problems.. searched the whole internet about the daphne issue and no luck, could be something to do with hyperlaunch? Thank you in advance
  4. Im working on a Dimebag Bartop!, it will be A W E S O M E!
  5. Thank you very much, yes i did the artwork
  6. Here are some more pics that my friend took..not so great, but ill upload more when i get the chance
  7. Heres a preview of a Bartop ive made for a friend, a fan of Slayer (great band), and its a Hanneman´s tribute build. It doent show very much, i need to go to his house and take pics and more videos of it, ive forgot to do it in my house. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KsFdkyR-tw Ill post more when i have them.
  8. thanks for your comments guys, yes we have a computer store.
  9. THank you guys again for your feedback! The 25 cent button, ive printed it in a transparent adhesive sheet, and its inside a regular rectangular button. The black leather its called TOLEX, you can get it from any Speakers cabinet building site, or store. The theme is the regular one ive downloaded from here. About the the ini, i was thinking on doing that, but im afk i would mess the ini up..
  10. Here another video and pics http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DggkAL4nHtM&feature=plcp
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