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  1. Hey, I just did exactly that and I started off using this guide here: https://gameroomsolutions.com/setup-hyperspin-mame-hyperlaunch-full-guide/ It's for MAME but once you've walkedthrough that you'll be bale to figure out the other systems.. I've also created a playlist of videos that i've found useful on Youtube that you can access here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLb4JfnF9Bg93c8an5XRLwlMAIYavgSK8_ Hope this helps!
  2. Now that, is sneaky. Smart thinking. I guess you just disable the intro video and you're off to the races... Thanks for the insight!
  3. Pretty sure the answer is no but, is it possible to add subwheels to the main wheel that are not systems? I would rather have a wheel menu item that said "Consoles" and have my systems in there instead. It would make for a cleaner wheel. I'd prefer my main wheel to be like this: - Favorites - Sports Games - Gun Games - Arcade Classics - Consoles - Movies - JukeBox - LiveTV Pretty sure this wasn't possible when I joined a few years ago but, thought I'd ask to be sure.
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