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HyperSync, HyperList and FTP are now back online ×


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  1. Thanks for this nice explaination. I assume i simply need to read again some tutorials to update to Rocket Launcher, as i saw that on the RL wiki is a short tutorial / update and translation tool to do this and simply hope that it works this time hehe
  2. Thanks for sharing, but doesnt work But question, why its not possible to play 3DO and Saturn games without mounting? at least the FourDO supports it, but i cant figure out how its working with the module and Hyperlaunch Only question. Thanks for your help.
  3. I use a 64bit OS, can you upload it some where whats would be your favorite way? Thanks again.
  4. Thanks for your answer, i assume this option is under my old HL 3.x not available :-/ Then i first need to update again, just fear the update to RL and HS1.4 because as i tried it the last time i shoot my complete database, was a hell of a work to get everything working again. Thanks for your help
  5. Hello, i have the same problem with Daemon Tools (thx to gigapig for showing this thread). I just update to DT 10.2 which was posted here on the site, i even change in the Third Party to DTAgent.exe and i download the lastest module, but i always get an error Not only on Panasonic 3DO on Sega Saturn etc aswell the same. Daemon Tools Lite: Unknown Argument in Commandoline. Unbekanntest Argument in Kommandozeile. If somebody would have an idea, i would be happy Thanks in advance.
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