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  1. in the ini i set joysticks to "True" changing it to "true" seems to have fixed it. Thanks guys!
  2. thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I feel so dumb when I can't figure out a tutorial. I added the script in hyperhq and pointed the ini file to rocket launcher but nothing seems to happen.
  3. how do I setup the startup script? I tried the instructions in the DL section with no luck.
  4. Hi, I'm a new hyperspinner learning the ropes. I ran into the spinning menus bug in hyperspin which is caused by enabling joysticks in hyperHQ. The problem is that I exclusively use joysticks for couch gaming and already have all of my emulators and pc games setup to use the wireless Xbox 360 controllers. I have tried to use joytokey to setup a profile in rocketlauncher but it hasn't worked very well. I've searched all over teh place and haven’t found a fix. Is there a way to map my Xbox 360 control to emulate keyboard keys only in the Hyperspin menu? I want the Xbox control to go back to normal when I launch an emulator or game.
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