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  2. You can quickly check # of games and audit the list with HyperLaunchHQ. I don't know what I'd do without it anymore. http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?21065-What-Emulators-are-for-what-Systems-(List) has quite an extensive list of emulators and has marks for suggested ones.
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    Mame 0.153

    think after running clrmamepro you have to re-torrentzip to start the torrent at a higher completion percentage
  4. I really don't know what people use on cabs, but if you want marine/upholstery grade stuff I just so happen to run a surplus warehouse
  5. Looks like No-Intro hasn't done a PSX set. So unless someone has already renamed a TOSEC/Redump pack and made a dat from that there's no easy renaming for the rest of us
  6. Some of the larger sets are getting posted at Pleasuredome with all the naming set according to the HS databases. I've been renaming some of my sets recently and I've found that XYplorer's mass renaming functions can be quite handy. Probably saved hours using search/replace to fix region codes and regex to remove all the TOSEC disc ids. A little more is needed here and there but that cuts out a lot of the work. I haven't messed with cue files yet, but http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?22533-Yet-another-feature-rich-Hyperspin-rom-amp-media-manager should be able to fix 'em all once everything is named correctly.
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