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  1. 9 hours ago, ArcadeFreak said:

    After checking many versions of emulator (0.202 to 0.216, official, and unofficial), I don't find a properly working Kung-Fu Master.
    I checked:
    Kung-Fu Master (World)
    Kung-Fu Master (bootleg1)
    Kung-Fu Master (bootleg2)
    Kung-Fu Master (US)

    I don't know how you did it?!?
    I will stick to version 0.161, that's enough for me.
    By the way, it works fine on version 0.162.
    Best regards and thank you.

    You need to make sure that your doing a clean install of the current Mame and then install the current Mame no-nag from this site on top of it. I am having no issue loading that game on the current ver. Also make sure your downloading the most current set of Mame roms they do change every month. If you dont know how to update your roms then just get a whole new set. I think this will fix your issue.

  2. looking at that video for .216 thats not a no nag ver. I just check mine out and it runs fine with no nag. If you downloaded .216 from this site and haven't updated your MAME since .161 the cfg files and few others have changed. I would try installing a new copy of MAME and then copy the no nag I upload every month on top of it and you should be good to go


  3. 14 hours ago, dark13 said:

    If the lightgun is a mouse emulator probably you should activate mouse as lightgun device


    set lightgun Device to lightgun thats what I have mine set to I have no issues. I would also update you mame to the current. If I remember there were some changes to the guns in 190 or so

  4. On 9/28/2018 at 4:12 AM, dark13 said:

    step1: shelling HS

    Search "gpedit.msc" from windows start and run it, administrative templates->System->Custom user interface set hyperspin as shell (don't works on HOME editions)

    Shelling HS from group policies is better than shelling it from system registry as if you ctrl+alt+canc, open the task manager and run "explorer.exe" the original windows GUI will start, if you shell from the registry it will just open an explorer window.

    step2: automatic login


    step3: turning off the computer from HS


    Just launch the created link from HS (make a "shutdown"
    wheel) Or set HS to launch the link when HS close)

    Is there a way to require a password to exit hyperspin back to windows? I have it setup now for the last 5 years that when the pc boots I get the little windows 10 crap screen and then it auto loads my hyperspin. if I press esc I get the want to exit hyperspin and if I say yes it goes to the black screen and I have to ctrl-alt-delete and then run explorer.exe. just was wonder if there is a way to build a script on that exit that makes me input a password and then will auto run the explorer so I dont have to do all the extra stuff. 

  5. Does anyone no the code that hyperspin uses to log into windows or shut down the pc when ESC is pressed? I want to build a script and wheel to do just that not sure how to? I want my esc key left to just going back in the menus and exiting systems. I already have a shut down wheel ready to do. 



  6. Done some more testing and I seem to find that if I map up,down,left,right to something other that the arrow keys the issue seems to be fixed? What could cause the arrows to act up like that?

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  7. 21 hours ago, gigapig said:

    Does this happen when you press the arrows keys on the keyboard or when using a joystick?

    Make sure joystick, trackball and spinner are all unchecked.

    Yes it does.

    I do have all those unchecked. I have even tried changing the wheel speed to low and the keyboard delay on and off with no change. Its weird that it does it on both systems. On the Arcade there is a ipac I have even disconnected it and tried just a keyboard same result

  8. Hi All, Wonder if anyone can help me out here. I started my Hyperspin setup back in 2015.  Love this frontend but somewhere along the line as my systems grew I picked up a glitch and cant figure it out. I have my arcade cab and then I have a exact copy on my main computer for testing before I push it over to the cab. When I go up and down on either setup it will skip a wheel or 2 sometimes and I need to back up to catch it.  I have the arrow keys mapped. 



  9. Start up HyperHq and goto the Mame wheel and make sure Execution is set to Rocklauncher and then point the path to Rocketlauncher.exe, In the Extensions have  zip,7z,chd set and then I have my Full Path enabled that should fix Mame after other systems are pretty close to that setup

  10. Looking for the following wheels/themes and videos for these anyone got them or can point me to them I search the site and the ftp 


    Alien Isolation

    Alien vs Predator


    Marvel A Force

    Marvel Champions

    Starwars The Force Awakens

    Starwars The Might of the First Order

  11. Ipac. I have used both the the Ipac is my fav. More options and room to grow with your build. I purchased the Ipac do to the fact I was get a delay in some games and really bad in pinball games. I have the Ipac4 with 2 player setup and a trackball and it never gives me issues. Tons of options.

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