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  1. 9 hours ago, ArcadeFreak said:

    After checking many versions of emulator (0.202 to 0.216, official, and unofficial), I don't find a properly working Kung-Fu Master.
    I checked:
    Kung-Fu Master (World)
    Kung-Fu Master (bootleg1)
    Kung-Fu Master (bootleg2)
    Kung-Fu Master (US)

    I don't know how you did it?!?
    I will stick to version 0.161, that's enough for me.
    By the way, it works fine on version 0.162.
    Best regards and thank you.

    You need to make sure that your doing a clean install of the current Mame and then install the current Mame no-nag from this site on top of it. I am having no issue loading that game on the current ver. Also make sure your downloading the most current set of Mame roms they do change every month. If you dont know how to update your roms then just get a whole new set. I think this will fix your issue.

  2. looking at that video for .216 thats not a no nag ver. I just check mine out and it runs fine with no nag. If you downloaded .216 from this site and haven't updated your MAME since .161 the cfg files and few others have changed. I would try installing a new copy of MAME and then copy the no nag I upload every month on top of it and you should be good to go


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