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  1. Hey! Does your No-Nag MAME builds has the MESS console drivers togheter?

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    2. mikea213


      Compiling now check my link later for a all in one 

    3. Louco-Diamante


      Fantastic news! I will wait for you to post the link. I cant wait to try!

    4. mikea213


      Its on the link above. Give it a try 

  2. mikea213

    MAME64 .202 No Nag



    A few were having issues with the last. This has fixed those issues.
  3. mikea213

    Shutdown/exit code in hyperspin

    Is there a way to require a password to exit hyperspin back to windows? I have it setup now for the last 5 years that when the pc boots I get the little windows 10 crap screen and then it auto loads my hyperspin. if I press esc I get the want to exit hyperspin and if I say yes it goes to the black screen and I have to ctrl-alt-delete and then run explorer.exe. just was wonder if there is a way to build a script on that exit that makes me input a password and then will auto run the explorer so I dont have to do all the extra stuff.
  4. Version


    Decide to do a one pack for all. The is Mame 202 no nag. I have included the 64bit, 32bit and Arcade64 versions. Please enjoy
  5. mikea213

    Shutdown/exit code in hyperspin

    Does anyone no the code that hyperspin uses to log into windows or shut down the pc when ESC is pressed? I want to build a script and wheel to do just that not sure how to? I want my esc key left to just going back in the menus and exiting systems. I already have a shut down wheel ready to do. Thanks
  6. mikea213

    Games collection

    It can do done with easy and not a pain or lots of work. If there all setup in other wheels I will take less than 5 min to build somethin out. Message me and I help you out.
  7. mikea213

    MAME 0.201 NO-Nag 32 bit



    Per request here is the no nag for 201 in windows 32 bit. Next month I think I will just do one zip with Mame 64 and 32 and Arcade 64 builds if that works for everyone.
  8. mikea213

    MAME 0.201 NO-Nag



    MAME .201 NoNag
  9. mikea213

    MAME 0.200 NO-Nag 32 bit



    Someone requested a 32 bit version of this so here you go.
  10. mikea213

    Glitch In my HyperSpin

    Done some more testing and I seem to find that if I map up,down,left,right to something other that the arrow keys the issue seems to be fixed? What could cause the arrows to act up like that? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Hi, I was wondering if you have compiled any no nag mame for 32 bit? I can''t seem to find any builds that are not 64 bit.




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    2. greatbigjay


      awesome , thanks! 

    3. mikea213


      here you go let me know if you need any help setting it up. its up in the 3rd party area

    4. greatbigjay


      awesome, thanks


  12. Thanks for the no nag MAME64 and Arcade64. Yes please keep them coming.

  13. mikea213

    Glitch In my HyperSpin

    Yes it does. I do have all those unchecked. I have even tried changing the wheel speed to low and the keyboard delay on and off with no change. Its weird that it does it on both systems. On the Arcade there is a ipac I have even disconnected it and tried just a keyboard same result
  14. mikea213

    Glitch In my HyperSpin

    Tried that didnt change anything.
  15. mikea213

    Glitch In my HyperSpin

    Hi All, Wonder if anyone can help me out here. I started my Hyperspin setup back in 2015. Love this frontend but somewhere along the line as my systems grew I picked up a glitch and cant figure it out. I have my arcade cab and then I have a exact copy on my main computer for testing before I push it over to the cab. When I go up and down on either setup it will skip a wheel or 2 sometimes and I need to back up to catch it. I have the arrow keys mapped. Thanks