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  1. Very cool. Do your pinball buttons light up to? Where did you end up getting your buttons from? Did you have to use a extra controlled board to light all those up? I know some of them only do so many leds when I looked at the pacled64 I have 28 buttons in my cab it would take 2 of those boards to light up the different colors.
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  3. Ipac. I have used both the the Ipac is my fav. More options and room to grow with your build. I purchased the Ipac do to the fact I was get a delay in some games and really bad in pinball games. I have the Ipac4 with 2 player setup and a trackball and it never gives me issues. Tons of options.
  4. I believe you and never said you did. I feel bad you got sucked into this and Im sure all you wanted was a cool arcade to play. I would call your credit card company right now and have the charge removed Tell them you purchased a drive and what was suppose to be on it was a working system and you dont have a working system. The people you got it from wont make it right and scammed you and I bet the money is back in by tomorrow. If you want get the tutorials and load up Teamviewer and I can take a look and get you pointed in the right way maybe as far as having it all running by the weekend. Just dont delete anything yet there might be media and roms you want to hold on to. Also You might want to buy the membership on here. Makes life easier and gives to a good project.
  5. All depends on your learning curve. I set mine up over a 3 months process and took my time and learned ever bit of the system (Lots of loss sleep) I wasnt going to pay someone that Im 100% sure would have ripped me off I know 2 setups are never the same that a bad selling point people should catch on to on this stuff. Plus its funner to beable to fix it when updates mess things up..
  6. Here is how I have mine setup. I have a spreadsheet somewhere That tell the best setup for each board. For the Ipaq they say stay away from using alt,ctrl,shift programs dont like therm ie retroarch, ssf, and a few other http://i491.photobucket.com/albums/rr279/mikea213/20160706_010226.jpg
  7. I feel bad for all these people that get ripped off from these drive sellers. Its not right and makes us honest people look bad. With that being said and as long as the MODs are ok with I would be willing to help setup and help a few people out to get them up and teach them along the way.Im free in the afternoons and all night usely. Would have to setup teamviewer so I able to see the mess and see what to keep and what needs to go. Let me know if anyones interested. I charge nothing for doing this.
  8. Just go into HyperHQ and select the keyboard tab and then set up what buttons you want to control Hyperspin. Dont mess with the joystick tab. As far as the emulators you will have to set up each one but its pretty easy the only one that will be a pain is Retroarch. When I setup my Ipac4 I had to go in and manually set each up cause the bindings option didnt work.
  9. Trying to put together some collection wheels where there are more than one system in the wheel. How do I set say MAME, SNES, GC to work in that one wheel? Thanks,
  10. Make sure you tell windows defender to not look at you HyperSpin directory. For some reason it blocks it and you will see the issues your having. I went thru the same thing soon as I told it to skip that folder HyperSpin has worked perfect.
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