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  1. Thanks for all your help man. Your YouTube videos have saved me hours of pain and you have the best and most simple tutorials for RocketLauncer install.
  2. Installing a toilet into the machine would be extremely unhygienic...hence I plan to build them into the stools
  3. Thanks for the comments. Still trying to add a ton of extras (hidden Blu-Ray player and webcam for Skype) as would like to run all basic Windows apps from the App Store through the hyper spin. If anyone can help me figure out an Apps wheel I'd appreciate it. Apps from the Windows App Store don't run like regular *.Exe's.
  4. Its in need of a bit of a polishing around the sides, but is now up and running... Yes that is a beer fridge built into the base! Update, bought second hand Xbox 360 remotes (retro joystick just not suited for N64 and Dreamcast) and have stripped and replaced with mod kit to match unit colour
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