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  1. Do you still have the plans hosted somewhere? I would like to start building using your template if it's not troubling for you to upload it again?
  2. Well guess I'm going 42"/46" inch monitor. As for the keyboard and mouse drawer, I'll try and figure something out. I'll keep the Xpadder in mib+nd. Thanks for the help! Yes I realise that now. Thanks mate! I'm keeping he buttons for the 4-player wii games. As for the trackball, I was sticking of putting it somewhere below the hyperspin logo. (I found this blueprint on this forum, so it's not yet final, still thinking it over).
  3. I was thinking a cabinet. Found a very nice project, similar to what I wanted to make: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?12476-ArchAngel-Arcade-New-Project!
  4. Hello, I've finally decided to build a 4-player MAME-like cabinet running Hyperspin (Can't wait to get the family together for the classics like Mario Kart 64 and Mario party). Planning on having systems up to PS2 and Wii (maybe even some new PC games). So, considering it's a 4-player cabinet, what monitor size do you recommend? I was I have a spare 24" 1080p BenQ, but I'm not sure if 24" is big enough for 4 players? I was planning on using something like this for the controls: http://pokit.org/get/?1b5f6cbfc7df88cf8a3087e4f01f0d00.jpg Is it possible to also use a PS2 controller for the PS1/PS2 emulation, if the game requires more buttons than available on the this control board? I was planning on getting a really strong configuration since my C2D PC is getting slow and I want to play some upcoming PC games. Would it complicate thing much if I made a hidden drawer with a keyboard and a mouse below the control board so some PC games can be played? That's about it for now. Thanks for your time. TL;DR: Recommended widescreen monitor size for 4-player cabinet? Possible to use controllers sometimes instead of the control board? Ideas on hidden keyboard and mouse drawer below the control board?
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