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File Comments posted by Avar

  1. 6 hours ago, ghostlost said:

    I did not play this game but by the reviews and videos I saw, I liked it a lot, but only playing to have a reliable opinion.

    I thought I was going to love it but found the reviews very misleading. Like, there's a part where this french officer in his underwear is chasing you in a cartoony tank thin while goofy music plays and I was just like... :o

  2. I really like them. The current policy on film themes right now is that we can't officially support them but I personally really love your work and I can see at least 5 other people have downloaded it. Over time, that policy may change.

    Since you're into this, you may also like CinemaVision.

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  3. So funny story. The first time I ever watched this film, I didn't have a copy with subtitles. This meant I never knew what the vampires were saying, or even that I was supposed to know what they were saying. I enjoyed the film immensely specifically because there was a heightened level of immersion as a result of this. There was so much more drama and suspense not knowing and it had so much artistic value. The second time I saw the film it did have subtitles and I was like "what the sweet fuck is this." It was almost like the producers were worried the film'd be too artsy w/o the vampires have the corniest dialog ever.

    So if you haven't watched this with subtitles off yet I'd highly recommend it :D


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    On 2017-6-21 at 7:37 AM, husko said:

    The Dendy cartridge format is nearly identical to an official Famicom cartridge. It has the same 60-pin cart connector and could presumably play in a standard Famicom. Most of the games sold for Dendy consoles have been bootlegs or copies of classic NES games.

    Ok, sounds like some exclusives though and at the very least a lot of unique artwork. Will think about how to handle it for the audit.

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