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  1. Latest CYW is here: https://www.facebook.com/blissboxadapter/posts/1916188591731912 Choose your weapon! The success, popularity, and quality of Sony PlayStation 2 quickly led to it being the world's best-selling gaming console. As always, with great console comes great controller and the DualShock series persists to this day! Given the console's successes, there's a wide variety of cosmetic controller variants. One of my favourites is the Samurai/Ninja Face-Off set from Game Elements' Freak Series II Collectors Edition Control Pads! Model numbers GEPS2F3 and GEPS2F2, respectively. Each beautifully sculpted, fully functional controller sits atop an equally gorgeous molded stand. These feature an impressive level of detail, right down to the carefully embossed plugins and the light-up eyeballs and gems that double as Start, Select, or Analog buttons. Each character also comes with a removable face mask that can be mounted on the stand along with the controller and plugin, ensuring the whole masterpiece is on display! These are a great addition to any gamer's arsenal!
  2. Latest Choose Your Weapons is out: I love this controller but I srsly wish MAME/Fusion supported it already ><;;;
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Congrats to the winners and all participants of HyperScore #55!
  4. Awesome work! Is all the art including the discs you uploaded and the case sides authentic?
  5. Put a FB link in my last post up there but it's not showing up.
  6. Hmmm @Circo I think the site's pwning links again Q_Q
  7. Another Choose your wespon. This is the controller I used for Red Robin in the last HyperScore tournament. It was pretty comfortable.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    My attempt at humour for this HyperScore Trophy Theme! Congratulations to iNTiGOD on his win! 16:9 and 4:3 versions included.
  9. @rodrigodn Obrigado por isso. Trabalharemos arduamente para garantir que sempre valha a pena e estamos trabalhando para desenvolver formas de melhor recompensar e capacitar os Criadores de Conteúdo em geral. Queremos que você saiba que apreciamos e respeitamos todos os criadores talentosos que ajudam a tornar o HyperSpin ótimo. Há especialmente muitos artistas brasileiros incríveis, por isso estou feliz pela assistência de todos em reunir várias comunidades multilingues.
  10. Algumas informações adicionais sobre isso: quando alguém é um Criador de Conteúdo aqui no HyperSpin, eles podem desbloquear os mesmos benefícios no EmuMovies, enviando um Bilhete de Suporte para eles com um link para o seu perfil do HyperSpin.
  11. Adding to the audit. Are the sides historically accurate? Cheers!
  12. Ordered a kit recently from Flashback Ltd and I have a 10% discount code. If anyone wants to save on a 4-Play, shoot me a PM.
  13. Another "Choose Your Weapon!" update. I love this controller:
  14. Thank you for this.
  15. Version 1.0.0


    Congratulations to RetroHumanoid! This package contains both the 4:3 and the 16:9 version of the trophy theme within it.
  16. Giving this a bump to keep it front-page news until the deal ends!
  17. Also, please let me know if/when they run out of copies and I'll lock this baby down. Tell your friends y'all!
  18. http://store.steampowered.com/app/218620/PAYDAY_2/ As title suggests, 5 million free, full copies of Payday 2 are being given away on steam right now to keep the game forever. Get it right meow before they reach their total!!!
  19. At this point I'd start being concerned about HDD failure/corruption. Try downloading the latest NES database and see if that fixes it. Don't sweat it I'm happy to help!
  20. I can try to help you identify and fix the problem but it's probably something random but simple and there's an easier/faster solution: Go into \HyperSpin\Settings\ Make a backup of your Nintendo Entertainment System.ini Make a copy of any working settings file and rename it to "Nintendo Entertainment Systems.ini" Verify working and copy any of the NES specific HyperHQ settings you had from the backup ini you made into the working one. Prolly have multiple instances of HyperHQ trying to run in your Task Manager. Kill em all and it'll be fine again.
  21. Extensions in HyperHQ have to be separated by a comma, not a |, as per the notes. Set the absolute path instead of the relative path as well and run HyperSpin as administrator. Everything is getting much easier in the near future.
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