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  1. thanks - yes I set it up for 2 player only but it was awhile back and now I forgot how I did it, hence my post. Any idea what to check to ensure it only shows 4 player? I have mine to parent as well however I think I changed the PARENT to 2 player. How do I change the parent game b/c right now I'm prob using 2 player as parent. I thought it was changing the clone of option but that didn't work EDIT _ I got it to work. I needed to change wheel settings to parent only check mark as opposed to checking the wheel option
  2. I forget how to tell hyperspin to select the 4 player version of a rom vs 2 player. Example - i want the rom TMNT, not the TMNT2po version when selecting the game via hyperspin. I recall updating the database but it didn't work. Any suggestions? thanks!
  3. COMPLETELY missed it. Awesome works now. Wonder what it did.... haha Interesting that once the program itself is updated even older versions offline don't work. thanks!
  4. Very weird - my hyperspin build has worked perfect for years - all of a sudden the program doesn't open when I click the exe. It's being auto shut off when it launches as I can see the program appear in my task manager and then it just disappears by itself! I disabled windows defender but still no luck. Anyone experiencing issues? Suggestions?
  5. I've had no issues for 7 months then all of a sudden I go to play the arcade and after clicking the HS exe, I get nothing. I can see the spinning on the mouse but nothing actually starts! I go to task manager and it's def a background process but not under programs that are running. I can stop it but still no luck. Any ideas? Basically the program says its running but I can't see anything and I've checked all of my monitors. so weird.
  6. Using Hyperspin and it works well. PC is a beast, GTX 980, i5 3570, etc. Mame works great EXCEPT in Killer Instinct 1 and 2, during certain parts (like knocking someone of the roof or during the FMV Vs. screens, etc) the sound will stutter, game freeze then go back to normal. Example - just as I'm about to hit someone off the stage, the game freezes slight, sound stutter and then resumes. Same for when I'm doing a fatality. I've tried to fix it by changing configs of mame (turn off vsync, make sure no other programs are running, etc) but it's still there. Any suggestions on what else I should do to fix it? Not sure if it's hyperspin related. I know others will say they don't have stuttering BUT my example isn't constant either. It's only certain events (transition b/w intro loop and demo match is another) so please let me know as I have a feeling this can impact others. Thanks!
  7. well i changed the settings a little more and now it's perfect - like literally perfect. looks so good. changed my defocus to 2.0 for both. Vertical games are 1.5 and 2. great job on those settings - they should be front page for this website.
  8. so i tried this and it worked a little but it's really these jaggies I see on the characters (like sub zero in MK1). Anyway to smooth the jaggies?
  9. Thanks - if you find out exact settings to change, lmk. I will try the defocus change tonight.
  10. I absolutely LOVE your settings. I was using lottes GLSL which looked great but the color was still off to the true arcade CRT. I then checked yours and the comparisons to the real arcades were in check. KI, MK, double dragon - all matched. Here is the only question. Mine has a slight pixelation that GLSL didn't have. How do I just smooth a tad - not a lot just a smidge? I already use bilinear filtering (or whatever it's called). Mostly can tell on games like Mortal Kombat - btw I moved saturation to .018 from .040. Really matched perfectly (although thats prob b/c of how my monitor is setup compared to yours). GREAT JOB!
  11. Using the Logitech GT Wheel and it works great. Calibration was really simple with the aimtrak. Got the calibration program and held down the trigger and lined up the targets and all good. Might be too much light?
  12. I'm really interested to see how that Active Marquee looks and what the cost is considering it's running off a second monitor if I understand correctly. Any additional details and video would be appreciated. Thanks for the input - I'm really happy with how it turned out. As for cable management - that ship has sailed at this point. I know where the ends are!!!
  13. Thanks to a lot of member feedback and guidance with Hypersin, I have my MAME arcade up and running. Of course the arcade is using Hyperspin to work and wanted to share this video for those interested in how it looks, plays, etc. Something special (IMO) is that I've connected it to my xbox one for Killer Instinct (of course). Great to play that game the way it was intended - in an arcade! Also show off driving wheel and light gun.
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