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  1. thanks - yes I set it up for 2 player only but it was awhile back and now I forgot how I did it, hence my post. Any idea what to check to ensure it only shows 4 player? I have mine to parent as well however I think I changed the PARENT to 2 player. How do I change the parent game b/c right now I'm prob using 2 player as parent. I thought it was changing the clone of option but that didn't work EDIT _ I got it to work. I needed to change wheel settings to parent only check mark as opposed to checking the wheel option
  2. I forget how to tell hyperspin to select the 4 player version of a rom vs 2 player. Example - i want the rom TMNT, not the TMNT2po version when selecting the game via hyperspin. I recall updating the database but it didn't work. Any suggestions? thanks!
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