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  1. robdfar


  2. My build is coming together but i have a few hand ups . 1. I am downloading video themes for the games for my systems . but where do they go once i get them? 3. I want to make a wheel for just capcom games or fighting games what is the best way to do this . thanks for any help.
  3. well that is easy enough to fix
  4. i installed the current version . it dose allow me to log into emumovies but not hyperbase. i am a gold member . i have the current .net installed. so i am stuck now any help would be great thanks .
  5. What did the error say?

    rom2xml should look like this (changing the directories to match your own, of course):


    Assuming you're not using it for MAME. If you are then you need to check the MAME box and point it to your MAME.exe

    One tricky thing about HyperSpin is that everything needs to be named correctly or it won't work. Make sure that the xml you're saving is named exactly the same way as the wheel is named in HyperSpin. If you called the wheel "Gameboy" and the XML is "Game Boy.xml" then it won't work.

  6. is there a way you can help me i am stuck on tring to get the xml list to match up with the roms. i have tried hyperrom2xml but it gives me a error on the xml after i set the rom folder and the database folder.let me know if we can chat or talk.

    thanks alot

  7. hello i have been talking to billy on skype and i am have some issues making my xml lists for the database if you have time we can chat or talk on skype that would help me out alot.



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