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  1. So you used to skate too? or do you still? I saw the slime balls sticker on your sig and figured maybe your the one that keeps outbidding me on that sticker on ebay..... I just saw my old jeff kendall board sell for 355 bucks...why didn't I save all my old boards...I could buy a car with that money today...lol

    hope all is well


  2. Hey man, question for you. Where does that control.dat go so that the system picks up the controls, and possible the colors. I have a 4 player LED CP and noticed in the file that the colors are specified...how can I get that to work for me......thanks in advance for any help you can provide me.

  3. Nevermind, I got it.....server must have been busy.

    Sorry for the needless post....

  4. I just tried to get get the hyperpin.exe and it's unavailable, do you know when it'll be back online for download?

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