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  1. aarox

    Login issues

    What was the fix? I will try it later this evening.
  2. aarox

    Login issues

    Just took a moment to test it again and still have the same error. I know one of the support guys stated their still looking into it.
  3. Thanks for the followup. I will tinker with it and review the info. Most of what I have is already configured but there might be some to learn from on this build so any bit can help.
  4. I didn't see this in the downloads section.
  5. I didn't see any links provided on that persons channel. That person could of made the content but hasn't contributed.
  6. Alot of games behave differently with this. The easiest thing I have done is do keyboard shortcuts for your OBS to start/stop your streams & records or if you get a stream deck (well worth it) you can program the touch buttons to do all of that and more without the need of attempting to move a mouse around.
  7. I can tell you I did use merged sets for awhile but you have to select the version or different version of the game vs going right into it. You can set it to the last known but I personally don't think its worth the effort and space. So because of that I am going back and using my non-merged set and cherry picking the games I would play and care about more then some random trivia game. There is some rare cases that I will keep a different version of say "Mortal Kombat" to enjoy a bug in that game or something but most of the time other games are worth it and only different due to Regions.
  8. While its great to have a list and bragging rights to have a million games in your HyperSpin build your need & buddies request makes sense to play some of the TOP 20 or favorite games of those systems. I am creating a Nested Wheel with Top 20 Game Favorites. It just comes down to taking the time to do it or you can do the HyperSearch or Favorites options.
  9. So the question for the Best Setup for Arcade is very general so I can give you the guidance I am taking on my Arcade Cabinet building journey. 1. What type of Games do you want to play? - For me I enjoyed a ton of Fighting (Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, NeoGeo) and 2-4 player beatemup games ( Turtles, Simpsons, etc) Arcade games - I also want to run later emulated Arcade game boards (Naomi) and PC games that are fighting (Killer Instinct, MK11) and platformers (Cuphead, etc) 2. What frontend and how flashy do you want it to be? - HyperSpin has been around for a long time. It takes a bit more time to setup but is very rewarding to setup and works well after. There are great videos on how to setup. - LaunchBox or "BigBox" paid version is an easy wizard setup on the frontend. If you have a complete MAME set you can use their new MAME importer and it can help you weed out Mature games, kid games, trivia games, etc so you don't import games in that you don't want. - I have seen people just use the MAME UI program still although I feel that isn't the most flashiness interface for an Arcade Cabinet but it works. I can tell you personally I have had some recent issues with LB/BB that have caused me to just keep going with my HyperSpin build. I will tinker with LB/BB from time to time but my cabinet will always run the HyperSpin frontend. Right now the test PC build I am using is this. Current Test Build OS - Windows 10 CPU - Intel Xeon 8 Core 3.2 Memory - 32GB C Drive - 256GB SSD E Drive - 500GB SSD (HyperSpin w/media and some PC Games on it) R Drive - 3TB Red label Drive for Roms (Will need to upgrade drive at some point as my later emulation roms require more space) GPU - 1060 6GB (Best performance and price for the buck) Going to do 32 inch TV as I feel its the best viewing distance for a four player cab for the price Hope this helps. Questions are always welcome.
  10. Well It has always worked for me even when it was on he earlier version and it has been on my recent build out on .32 Then one day turn on the PC and its not working. I understand its still in beta but it feels like the issue is bigger than a local client. Guess I will just do the old fashion FTP route that still works.
  11. I have not yet but I can. Does it matter at this point since I have the majority of the things already setup?
  12. Just tried to test and play with it again. Some issue. I would like to think since so many people as of recent are experiencing issues that it isn't related to our local install. Hopefully will get some answers soon.
  13. Sup HS Folks. Long time Lurker newbie poster. My experience with both HyperSpin and LB/BB has been a bit of a tug of war. I started with HyperSpin and when I ran into some snags and not alot of supportive information to go on, I changed to LB/BB. I enjoyed their Live DEV Q&As (That they don't do much anymore) and the ease of use in setting it up. However I always had problems when upgrading LB/BB and it would break my config along with alot of image caching issues with themes. This has brought me back to HyperSpin again. I performed a new install of HyperSpin along with some new video content by ninja2bceen and the HyperSpin forums it has been a much easier experience this time so I am finally going to commit in sticking with HyperSpin (because otherwise I would never complete my frontend and Arcade Cabinet). Aside from that I am a supporter of both lifetime licenses of HyperSpin and LB/BB along with emumovies because I think its a worthy investment to keep this type of entertainment and history thriving. I certainly look forward with the release of HyperSpin 2.0 when that day comes but until then I will enjoy setting up my current build, learning, growing, and potentially giving back at some point.
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