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  1. Version 20110222


    EarthBound (USA) (SNES)
  2. Version 20121016


    Liquid Kids (World) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
  3. I just put a blank transparent bezel that matches the entire screen resolution in the folder with them and switch to that.
  4. I'm pretty sure none of the MSX systems have a theme, they're cranking out the artwork over on the HyperSpin Project right now as well.
  5. Hey there, I didn't forget about that SH2 theme again. I'm just having trouble finding good quality artwork and a better border. Thanks for the interest!

  6. DrMoney


    Heh, that sounds right. Good to hear sales are doing well, it was surprising that more people didn't know of it.
  7. DrMoney


    Oh wow, nice to see you here! I've been evangelizing Bliss-Box on here forever, hope I haven't made you too busy
  8. Hey Dazz, have you heard about this?: http://spawnlinux.dyndns.org/Bliss-Box/products.html
  9. Sometimes I feel like the only person in the world using Vista... But that's just me!
  10. He's holding off on that feature until everything is compatible with the new HL.
  11. This, is one of the best looking applications I've ever seen. Thank you Rain.
  12. Try 1.4 from the new HL install, you'll want to upgrade that too if you havent already: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/eifr2ugxyd4kkq6/biK94rU5Mu
  13. Well I've pretty much exhausted my ideas but at least it's mostly isolated for whenever BBB gets to working on that. Thanks for the info.
  14. Is .ngc the only extension you have set for that wheel?
  15. Weird, what was the system you had trouble with? Are all the roms for it the same extension?
  16. I think brolly and I may have figured that one out. Are these wheels set to "Roms Only" and do you have ALL of those roms in subfolders? That happened with my Saturn and Turbografx CD wheels. It seems to wig out if it can't find any roms in the base folder even if you have it set to search subfolders. Note that this is NOT specifically caused by subfolders as my Playstation wheel works fine having a mix of foldered and non-foldered roms. It's only when it can't find any files with the rom extension directly in your rom folder while having the "Roms Only" flag on.
  17. Personally I made a small Autohotkey script that launches that and other things on startup of HS. You could also put a shortcut to Xpadder in your Start Menu/Startup/ folder.
  18. You probably just need to go in and adjust your sensitivity in Xpadder, no 2 controllers are likely to use the exact same settings.
  19. That would make sense but it doesn't do that to my Playstation wheel.
  20. I had that "Roms Only" part checked and it caused a crash on my Sega Saturn and Turbografx CD wheels when I tried to enter them but works fine if I turn those two off. Any helpful info I could give you on that?
  21. Okay, I just upped all my profiles under /Upload Here/Dr Money/Xpadder Profiles. They're all for Motioninjoy's PS3 default setup but I'll be going back through and editing accordingly. If anybody cares to move their layouts around for the Xbox 360 Controller please feel free to. On all of the profiles I went through to make sure none of the keys mapped interfere with any of the functions of their emulators, so if you do edit some please try to use the same keys but moved around. I don't plan on doing any profiles for the systems that have analog joysticks because there's not really any satisfactory way to emulate that via Xpadder. I'll be going back through and editing/uploading as I go.
  22. Would you guys be opposed to having a universal set of profiles? We could set them according to the Xbox 360 layout, you can move your PS3 buttons in Motioninjoy or even have it emulate the 360 pad.
  23. I've been actually consiering the same thing. I feel like Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers are the most commonly used. I think I might put a bunch of emu settings file up along with the xpadder profiles so you don't even have to set your keymaps.
  24. It sure does, just read up on the KeyMapper feature of HyperLaunch.
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