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  1. is there a way to set up a key to toggle on/off a bezel

    while playing a game?



    i see

    next bezel

    previous bezel


    but not a

    no bezel option


    I just put a blank transparent bezel that matches the entire screen resolution in the folder with them and switch to that.

  2. Thanks for compliments guys! Midi triggers...don't know really what you mean I did everything by listening to the original in game then playing it out on my keyboard which is controlling all the different instruments in Ableton. It took a while but it's a good nod off to people who are against playing by ear :).

    Yea I was able to capture the SOTN feel but the reverb is just Abletons Built in reverb effects but I tweaked a lot of knobs to get the sound levels as best as possible

    Yeah a midi keyboard would qualify. Those tom fills are killer too. Well you did a good job on that front.

  3. I notice you guys are holding off on uploading to HB until a set is minted, is there a particular reason for it? I don't mean to be pushy for results, I just find it fun to keep track of the progress bars on HB. I'm others wouldn't mind the work though. ;)

  4. These are mega crunch but I rarely see them mentioned:

    Arkanoid C64:

    Jurassic Park Level 1 (Originally from Comic Bakery but I think sounds way better here):


    Jim Power In Mutant Planet Level 1 (Technically a ripoff of Ys III's " A Searing Struggle", but again I think the melody is better here):


    Also +1 for anything Yasunori Mitsuda (Chrono Trigger/Cross) does.

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