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  1. Ind_noobling, you could just put a shortcut to ds3tool in your Startup folder instead of that batch file. That's what I do anyway.
  2. Well I'm going off of MotioninJoy's capabilities, it's possible you could do more through something different.
  3. I believe that one's supported, couldn't hurt to double check with the MotioninJoy site. The issue azzbarb brought is most likely due to MotioninJoy drivers overwriting the original bluetooth's drivers. There are workarounds if you use multiple bluetooth devices though.
  4. Not a problem. Something tat bears mentioning as it will save you a lot of headaches: Be sure the bluetooth adapter you plan on purchasing is compatible. I got lucky with mine as it wasn't documented as supported but did work. It was a ~$20 Rocketfish one I got at Best Buy which seems to be pretty common now. MotioninJoy (That is in fact the correct spelling) is the best program/driver set I've encountered with this as it allows you to emulate other joysticks if need be.
  5. The closest thing to what you want would be a wireless Sega Saturn controller but I have no idea how you get that working on your setup. Aside from that, PS3 controller + a bluetooth adapter have been the best I've encountered. They have the best d-pad which is super important for any kind of retrogaming, the joysticks seem to be the most responsive, they're extremely light but not to the point that they feel cheap, you can use 2 per adapter so as to save you precious usb slots, the PS button is natively mappable unlike the 360 controller's which makes a handy exit button. and they're readily available since they're still in production. Your Xbox 360 controllers could still be useful for PC Games since they're natively recognzed by several games (Sonic Generations, Bioshock) and I've heard that some games such as Super Meat Boy will only recognize those.
  6. Yeah me too, but considering they have Funhouse AND Space Invaders I'll concede the quarters they eat up. Sometimes they even pop in a Dragon's Lair dvd on the overhead tv's, that's always fun. It's good to know there's other HyperSpinners in the area.
  7. Ah, I see you found one. Well, you being near Springfield I have to ask if you've been to 1984?
  8. Thhis seems like the best place to kill 2 birds with one stone. To Circo and the mods here: I've been trying to kickstart the Famicom and Super Famicom sets and was wondering what the policy would be for putting the translation patches on the respective FTPs? I believe both Nestopia and Zsnes allow on the fly .ips application and figured this would make work on this as painfree as possible.
  9. Not a problem. Hope to see you get this working.
  10. I've never done this myself, but you could create an ini for dividers as detailed here: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?t=12624 Then point it to your dummy file and add <exe>DummyFileIniName</exe> In the wheel entries for your dividers.
  11. Are you still having the crash problem?
  12. Just requesting FTP access. Not sure if this or email is the better method, either way thanks!

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