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  1. Why does not the mortal kombat machine fit into this theme? I already thought it was good. Good color combinations and nothing much polluted.
    I think that from the moment you are thinking about creating a theme, the important thing is to use creativity and do different things to get away from the "more of the same" and not get stuck in details that will not make the slightest difference. Remember that it is not mandatory to download all the content that is available here. You can download only what you like best, but the more options the better, but if none of you like it, you might want to start creating it, because that's what I do for my Hyperspin (and I share it for anyone on here).

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  2. 6 hours ago, TheManuel said:

    Would you mind re-uploading this theme without your name watermark on the top left?
    I assume this was there by mistake, since your other themes don't have it.

    Very nice themes, by the way.

    I'm sorry, my friend, but it was not really a mistake, it was intentional to put my name on the theme. In fact, my brand is present in the vast majority of them, sometimes a little hidden and some not. I decided to put my name on them, because I found myself in the right, since I created them (just as a painter puts his name on a painting) and I decided to make it openly available to the hyperspin community. I do not understand why they feel uncomfortable (as in the topic of Sunset Overdrive by Ghostlost) with such a thing, that neither influences anything in the presentation of the theme ...

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