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  1. I found the solution... it was a configuration issue. This is the link, in case anyone else needs it: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/tutorials/article/47-written-setting-up-joytokey-in-hyperspin-and-rocketlauncher/ Thanks! Martin
  2. More weird still... I moved to xpadder just in case it is an issue with joytokey, and the problm is still there: When Rlauncher closes to go back to HyperSpin menu, it ends xpadder also, exactly as it did with joytokey. Is it just me? no one else had this issue before using Rlauncher? Thanks! Martin
  3. Hi all, I am having a weird issue and I can't find the solution. I hope you can, since you are more experienced than me for sure. I have hyperspin 1.4 configured with RLauncher 1.0. I have configured joytokey 5.x to be started once HS is opened (thru hyperhq) and until then it is good. The problem is that once I close a MAME game launched by RLauncher, the joytokey progam is closed too (I assume RL is closing it but I can't find any conf about that) so from then I can't use HS anymore, unless it is opened manually again. I searched and tested a lot but I can't find the cause for this weird behavior. Any kind of help on this is very appreciated Thanks, Martin
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