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  2. The middle is set as my primary. Yeah i tried messing with the screen option, didnt work
  3. Yes i have tried running mame in windowed mode then close/exit in the middle monitor
  4. Ok heres the problem. Everything i run mame , it doesnt run on my center monitor (main monitor) its opens to the left monitor (right monitor if disconnect) I been pulling my hair trying to figure out how to get mame to open in the middle monitor. Help? Every other program / emulator opens in the middle. Will post pics later
  5. I even notice. My "player 2" input for "down" doesnt work even w the correct keyboard command setuped
  6. Has anyone succefully done this? I set it up on the hyperhq. Then launch hyperspin. Whenever i try to use the gamepad the wheel either goes crazy and spins forever or doesnt work at all ? Any help would be nice
  7. Where can i dl this? I cant find it. - thanks
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