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  1. I attacked all mine with wood glue and a nail gun. Just let it sit for a while with the clamps on and its rock solid.
  2. This is the build i used to model mine. He goes more into detail about what he did and has some diagrams. http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php?topic=121148.0 I wouldnt use a TV. stick with an actual pc monitor
  3. I dont know if you already have a monitor of not but i suggest scooping one of these up. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Samsung-245BW-Black-24-WideScreen-1920-x-1200-Resolution-Grade-B-/371569527532?hash=item5683450aec:g:vrwAAOSwvgdW3aHS The 16:10 are hard to find at a decent price and give you little more vertical screen area then a 16:9
  4. Just for the actual building materials it is probably 200 max. Plexi glass isnt cheap and I used that for bezel and over my CP. Nothing is really too expensive it just all adds up. Plus any tools you may need. Router, slot cutter. Total I spent around $600. I would start by making a list of everything you need and pricing it all out.
  5. I use a smart strip. Got the pc power switch hooked up to a arcade button like in those youtube videos. For power down i have it setup for hyperspin to shutdown the PC.
  6. I finished building this cab a few months ago. Just started messing with everything again because im wanting to add light gun games and sega model 3. If you have any question about how i did stuff please ask!. -Its built out of 3/4in MDF. - black gel stain for the color -plexi glass bezel. I spray painted around the screen.looks very slick. Which is a 25?in 16:10 monitor i got off ebay for about $80. -"smart" power strip so everything powers on when the pc does but off the rest of the time. Learning Hyperspin/rocket launche setting up all the emulators was a hugeeee pain. But thats mostly because the PC i used is very old and runs on 32bit XP.(not as much support for that OS) I got dreamcast working to play MVC2. It actually works very well with the old PC. - PC SPECS- Amd athalon 64 x2 3.0ghz 8gb ram. idk the graphics card but it cost about $50. THE BEST THING YOU CAN DO IS GET AN SSD!!!! All the artwork and animation worked SO much better after transferring by build onto one. I see some people who want to use the x-arcade tank stick as opposed to building their own CP. I seriously recommend making your own for two reasons. 1- its very satisfying 2 - you can make it yours! it will be customized to what you want(I wanted a 4way joystick for pacman so i got one) and will look sooo much better.
  7. I cant find the media for hyperpause anywhere. When I launch it its all messed up and there are no words on the main menu bar. (yes i have installed the necessary font) Can someone direct me to where the media is and where it should go in my hyperspin drive?
  8. got it all figured out. thanks for your help jeremy.
  9. I forgot i still had a copy of all my hyperspin on my old HD, I copied it onto a SSD and didnt realize that all the media from hypersync was being sent over to my old drive. So i got it fixed. but? How do i set where hyperspin pulls the media from?
  10. I actually moved all of the system videos to see if any of them would change. I got rid off ALL of them but they still work fine. I guess i gotta hunt the source down or something?
  11. idkkk. i just changed the dreamcast to look like MVC2. For some reason though i cant get the system video to change. Its still the dreamcast one. I have the video for mvc2 but it wont go. Im putting it at media - main menu - video - name the Mvc2 video Sega Dreamcast. IT wont change though.
  12. How would i add all the media to the hyperHQ wheel?
  13. I kind of went that direction @connorsdad. I changed the Dreamcast main menu wheel to MVC2. and only have that in the wheel. so it requires an extra button press then i would prefer but it gets the job done.
  14. Is there a way to put a game directly on the main menu, I have dreamcast(nulldc) setup but i only want it for running Marvel vs capcom 2. Can i set it up so MVC2 shows up on the main menu and somehow hide the dreamcast system as well. Thank you~!!
  15. Is there a way to change the order in which the systems appear on the main menu wheel? Thanks!
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