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  1. RobertBlum

    Sharp XM6 Type g version 3.01 / 3.1 Emulator

    Hi, you post is quite old but maybe you can still help. I'm running XM6 TypeG through rocketlauncher. 1 Disk games i can play without problems. But i cannot get to work 2 Disk games. I did the "Dual Disk" settings in rocketlauncher but its not working. How do i have to name the game files? Nemesis '90 Kai (Disk 1 of 2).dim Nemesis '90 Kai (Disk 2 of 2).dim Is this correct? Or how it has to be named to get i to work?
  2. RobertBlum

    Game preview pictures pixelated?

    Hallo, in Hyperspin I dont use preview videos for each game. I just put gameplay pictures in the media/videos folder. The pics are 1080p and in .png format. The problem is in the preview the pictures look pixelated. Does anybody know how to solve this problem? Original Preview in Hyperspin
  3. Hello, since more than 1 year I'm using Hyperspin with Hyperlaunch. I always wondered whats the different between using Hyperlaunch or Rocketlauncher? Is there a advantage or disadvantage to use one of them? I mean which one is better???
  4. RobertBlum

    Adding PC Game to the wheel???

    Its a little bit tricky, but in general an easy task. Some month ago I Just use this youtube tutorial. Its clear and very understandable. Youtube: Adding PC Games to Hyperspin
  5. RobertBlum

    Hyperspin Statistics

    Hello, Is there a third-party software with the feature to display different game- and hyperspin specific statistics, such as: total installed systems in Hyperspin, total number of games and games in each system, total time played and time played per specific game and so forth... I know there is a statistic file in the "Data Folder". But what i would like to have is a small software to use this informations in a comfortable way. Does anybody knows something?
  6. RobertBlum

    Manual added Systems dont show Letters!?

    Thanks for your reply. The image tags were written in the xml automatically as the database was created. The letter Images are in the system media folder. (\Hyperspin\Media\NEC TurboGrafx-16\Images\Letters) What else could be the problem?
  7. Hello, when I'm in the game wheel and hold down the left or right key, its shows the alphabetical letters. So its easy and faster to jump to the desired game. My problem is, all the systems i added/created manually the letter function dont work. When i press down the left or right key, nothing happens. Beside that everything else works normal as on the other systems. As I said, it only happens to the systems i created manually. The pre-configured systems work without this problems. The new systems i added directly in HyperlauchnHQ. I already checked the letters folder. The images are inside. Does somebody know what could be the problem? Thanks, Robert
  8. RobertBlum

    Hyperspin Wheel not spinning!?

    Hello, i cant get the "Hyperspin Spinning Mode" get to work. I mean the function when you press a button and the wheel starts to spin automatically. In the HyperHQ controls settings I assigned all keyboard buttons like "Favorite" or "Genre" "Up" >Down" ect., and all Buttons work. I assigned the "Hyperspin Function" button same way, but its not working. No wheel spin starts when i press the button in Hyperspin! Who can give me a clue how the problem can be solved? Thank you, Robert
  9. RobertBlum

    How to change the System Positions?

    Hi, how can I can change the order of the systems? For example at the system wheel i wanna have first the 8bit systems, then the 16bit systems etc... I did this once, but I cannot remember anymore. Please, who can give me a hint?
  10. RobertBlum

    Hyperspin and Xpadder Problem

    Hello, since days I'm trying to get xpadder and hyperspin working together. I did the xpadder configuration in hyperlaunchHQ. When I did the "test configuration" everything is good. When I start Xpadder and the emulator without Hyperspin/Hyperlaunch it works fine. But its just not working together. When i use Hyperspin or HyperlaunchHQ and start a game. Xpadder is not launching. I checked the HyperlaunchHQ log and it only shows 1 error: "RunXpadder - No profiles found and nothing to tell Xpadder to load" HyperLaunch.ini [Keymapper] Xpadder_Path=.\Utilities\Xpadder\Xpadder.exe Custom_Joy_Names_Enabled=false Custom_Joy_Names= Keymapper_FrontEnd_Profile_Name=Blank Keymapper_FrontEnd_Profile=xpadder Keymapper_HyperLaunch_Profile_Enabled=false Global HyperLaunch.ini [Keymapper] Keymapper_Enabled=true Keymapper_AHK_Method=External Keymapper=xpadder JoyIDs_Enabled=false JoyIDs_Preferred_Controllers=Controller (Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows) Can anybody see the problem in the ini and can help me please??? Thank you in advance. Robert