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  1. Hi, Running latest Hyperspin (Win7x64) and have XBOX 360 controllers driving my menu control using Joy2Key. If I turn ON XBOX controllers, then start Hyperspin, the menu control works just fine. If I start Hyperspin with the XBOX controllers OFF, then turn ON the XBOX controllers, they do not work at all in menu control for HyperSpin. The issue appears to be Joy2Key not "auto detecting" joystick changes. Must be missing something simple, any suggestions? Thanks, David
  2. Anyone have the code for this? The link above is no longer available (running hyperspin rocket launcher and mame on windows 7)
  3. Hey guys, Been working to get my joytokey configured, and have a problem that I can't figure out. When I launch a game from within Hyperspin, Mame launches the game but in the background. Configuration is latest Hyperspin, Rocket Launcher and Mame. Any suggestion on where to start? Thanks, David
  4. Hi guys, are downloads working? this link didn't seem to work - just like the main downloads button. Says "Oops ..." and doesn't work. Trying to download latest Hyperpin and associated stuff needed to get this tested/working. thanks! // David
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