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  1. It's not in the configurator yet, it's from shilmovers post there: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showpost.php?p=102674&postcount=68 The setting is original to Chrizz99 first one:http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showpost.php?p=102689&postcount=72 or of couese to mine, which you can see on the ledwiz configuration page. Greetings, Passatuner
  2. Hooray! I finally found some time to upload a video from my cab with the flashers working. Still to do is the topper, which will have two flasher also, or maybe a stroboscope, don't know yet. Dont wonder about the VPinMame-Display being rotaded an the backbox. I just donwloaded the ne VPin 10.11 Version of Back to the Future, which is really fantastic work, but forget to rotate the display on the backbox... More to follow, when i've found some time to go on with the cab, just now my Amigas, Ataris and C64 you see next to the cab need some more attention Greetings, Passatuner BiCYOZ5lRGc
  3. 12V with 20Ohm. What do you mean with the lenses over the cree? There's a little lense on the leds of the cree-led and over the cree theres a usual flasher cap (but not on the picture, as i did not have any caps yet at that moment)
  4. Na, my trailer ist just one of the premade trailers which came with Apples Imovie '11. Just throw some quick and dirty clips in to it, Imove made the rest But i will make a new one, when my cab is finished, one day in the far future. And if anyone wonders what we are talking about. It's this trailer: AJo6e8XnDBc
  5. The first delivery of the Cree LED and parts arrived on monday. Today i've solderd the wires to the LEDs, looks like small bombs I mounted them at the top of the screen, not on the backbox as most people did, there will be three there, and two additional on the top of the backbox Th best is the effect, that it gives. I have not received the led-wiz from wolfsoft, take a bit of time to get delivers, but i fired the flasher in the middle by hand, just to see, what the effect is and if i'll like it. Well, i do like it a lot. It's not too bright when playing, just perfect, and it give a nice little reflection in the glass, just as the real thing... NZIJ_jUtLMc Can't wait to get the LED-WIZ asap...
  6. Once there was a small amusement dealer in Germany who said to a friend of mine: "Before I will sell the old cabs to anyone, i'll rather wreck them with a sledgehammer". Well, so he did, a dew days later you could see the cabs in the backyard, wrecked... On german he said: "Bevor irgendso ein Sammler oder Flipperjunkie die bekommt, hau ich die selber mit 'nem Vorschlaghammer platt!" Gues he could not stand the thought, that somebody else could bring them to a new life, while he wasn't able to. Or he was afraid that someone would just play for free at home, instead of getting to his local...
  7. Ok, than maybe another dead 'Future Spa' will come to a new life with a new playfield. That's a bit of solace Now make it a great 70ies VPin Cab! There aren't many Virtual Pins with - imho nicer - 70ies/80ies style cabs.
  8. This makes me real sad... I think it's a stupid idea to rip a working pinball machine to build a virtual one. It's like ripping apart an original Ferrari in good shape just to get the wheels and the doors for a new replika... The replika or the virtual thing, how good it ever will be, will never beat the real thing.... However I wish you much fun in building your virtual machine...
  9. I believe it will be great. I allready had the siemens parts in my first minicab, but the flasher will give the real kick, i think, I like it, when there some lightshow going on Playing pinball in a dark surrounding is great fun:) Forgot picture from the buttons on the front. Here they are:
  10. Got a little step further. The art on the front is now finished, and i put a new door in it, which i had left from my mamecab. I attached microswitches to the reject buttons, so these will now function as Coin1 and Coin2 Buttons, so the old buttons to the left will now be Instructions and Flyer in Hyperpin. And finally i managed to place the order for the Siemens solenoids/Relais, the Cree LEDs, the LED-WIZ and the other stuff to get on the flasher-train. Holy crap, this was expensive. My first pin i bought did cost less than theses parts!
  11. Been lazy a bit in the holidays, i have not done anything with the cab, had enough things to do, and Back to the Future - the Game, was released, so I had to play this first I have now added little artworks to the front. It's a warning that says: "MAX 1.21 GIGAWATT" and the license plate i ordered last year has arrived. This license plate is going to be part of the topper of the cab.
  12. Grml.... Njay, what have you done! I liked it so much with the screen 1 inch deeper at the bottom, but after you asked me, i had to try if it looks good even with the screen leveled with the apron. Well it does also look good.. So the playfield now leveled with the apron... But i must admit: it look much better now when looking at the cab so it will stay like it is now, when playing not a big difference, I also illuminated the flipperbuttons on the side. As now its just with the old fashioned way with 12v bulbs. Maybe i will go the led way later when i finally order the ledwiz for the flashers...
  13. My TV does have an extra setting called illumination, which does put down the brightness of the LED-Lights, the setting brightness turns down the brightness of the picture itself, but the led remains the same brightness. I put illumination to around 10%, thats quite less light from the leds, so darker parts of the screen do not brighten up es much as they would normally. Not every TV does have this setting, sometimes its called Power Save oder Energy Save, some other dont have this at all. I put contrast at 90% - this makes the lightning parts of the playfield very bright compared to the unilluminated areas. At last i put Brightness very low to 20% - the TV renders the darker areas of the picture itself darker now (as explained illumination/brightness) but keeps the lights parts light. Generally the way to go is to move contrast up and brightness down. But there's a disadvantage also: you may loose some details on dark and bright areas when contras is cranked up. I also found have a setting on my TV to change the size of the picture on the screen, so i made it bigger to the right. I do lose some lines to the bottom of the playfield now but the flippers move down quite a bit to my apron in the cab and I get rid of a part of the extra apron an the screen and so it gives me a bigger playfield DE Star Wars before: DE Star Wars after: The ball stays round, it did not get egg shaped, at last not on the tables i tested. I do loose halve of the text of "FREE PLAY" in Hyperpin though, but that's not important to me, as i now it's free to play Thank you
  14. I played a little bit with the setting of the LCD-TV LG3LE5300 in my pincab, trying to get the best visual experience. After going quite down with brightness and illumination and up with contrast i got a good look of the screen, where the illuminated areas like inserts etc. look illuminated and the other parts of the playfield look more unilluminated. Made some videos to show it, unfortunately the effekt is not as good on the video as it is in real. pFvf3zQuDc4 VFlfkzRbMJg
  15. I've done two cabs also, here's the last one i did. It's name is "Back to the pinball", artwork is inspired by Back to the Future - best movie ever made! http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10787&page=2
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