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  2. Hi ci2own. a complete tutorial i do not have, sorry. Which games do not work? Which grafic card do you use?
  3. Hi ci2own, in the NVIDIA system control under 3D preferences, Program pref you can choose any exe and the preferred grafics processor.
  4. Sorry i mean WR works ONLY under HD4000.
  5. Wacky Racers dosent work under HD4000. Dont know why?
  6. Many thanks gigapig ! You are right SSF works with 960, but i took very long to boot and wacky racers crashes while loading with 960. i will try to manage the different games with hd4000 and 960 now. raiden III and IV work under 960 when i deactivate hd4000 but when i point all exe files to 960 in the nvidia system control they will not boot, when activating both cards.
  7. I tried Game Loader All RH without sucess. But i switched from onboard Intel HD4000 to Nvidia Geforce GTX 960 M and the vertical shooters work now. Unfortunately other games like SFIV arcade work only on HD4000. Is it possible to combine different games with the different grafic cards?
  8. Hello, i am fighting with Taito Type X Games to make them work in Rocket Launcher. I never really figured out what to do with the app wait exe and the fade title stuff and where to place them in the corresponding ini files. Now i had an apdate (win 10 64bit) and predominantly the horizontal shooters wont work, they stuck and show me only white screen. Can anyone help ? Greetz ObiWan12
  9. i wanted to rename the zip files, but in the meantime i changed to the good set. i thought that the xml files are based on no intro.
  10. I tried to rename a c64 no intro romset in order to match them with the boxart pack but dons renaming tool doesent worked. It dosent recognized any rom.
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