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  1. Ok I fixed it, I had to select reload backgrounds as well as redownload the media again. Must have had a corrupt png or mp4 in there somewhere. All is working now
  2. So I had themes and video working for gameboy, I renamed my folders using rocketlauncher and then copied the contents from the media\gameboy folder to the media\Nintendo Game Boy folder. Now I get the emulator to launch but in hyperspin I get the wheels, just no video or themes. Any ideas?
  3. Don't feel ripped off, just going through updates. Welcome to the club, you will be amazed when it is back up and working.
  4. I am using it on my 1.2 build right now, so yes it works.
  5. Not only is Hypespin a great FE. It has one of the friendliest and helpful communities as well.
  6. I have spent countless thousands of dollars over the years on my arcade cabinet... I think that the hyperspin and emumovies donations are trivial in the grand scheme of things.
  7. I bought two nylon uncle mikes holsters and screwed them to the side of my cab
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