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  1. Hey Blur I tried the print screen function out .... 2 things / some suggestions 1 it over writes existing ones , is it possible to have SS go to a temp folder, for example, instead of into HP/Media/VP/BG..... maybe as an option. 2 because I use a rotated vertical screen, it takes the whole SS ...... maybe an option of screen res and size ...... like in the B2S txt or in the printscreengen prog from settingsons. Thanks for all the support you give and the continued work you do with this. XP user
  2. Finally got around to updating to the new WIP. Everything works great ..... looks amazing and is user friendly. Great work Blur and Samwise
  3. Can do without pause screen, I have become attached to Exit 321 as a novelty ,I still use it sometimes ... but that said, whatever make it easier for you guys. Top work Blur and Samwyze. All these new features have made a huge difference, and now printscreen as well By the way, still haven't copied on to my cab and tested it yet .... maybe on the weekend.
  4. Lettuce, this is from 1st post pc setup optimized win XP SP3 - 32bit INTEL quad core CPU i7-2600K overclocked MSI P67A-GD65, P67 mainboard
  5. Thats what I meant about the option to have it or not, setting in the .ini. I think the menu options are all good, even the f3 for pinmame reboot. Definitely an option to change the colour / style of the dmd.......
  6. So the exit menu replaces the Pause graphic???? when hit esc. I dont know about the DMD with the menu......... maybe it will grow on me. As paul said about the scaling........ also looks too big to me. An option to have it or not....
  7. I did some testing on LW3 before its release and the version I had worked fine with WIP4, with or without UVP. Thats with XP. Havent tried the released version yet.
  8. Man, thats insane Chriz. You need to take it to some shows I think........
  9. Great work guys, just keeps getting better....... The 1st post update definitely sells it. Blur has put alot into keeping it all going. Good to see things finally getting back to normal for you samwyze.
  10. You keep saying that maxxs, but i,m not seeing it..... Chriz, if you keep raising the bar, we'll need to pole vault.... what will you come up with next.... nice work you re doing.
  11. Here's my build at VPForums. Also a dual 46" set up. http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=14823&st=0
  12. When I hit play after editing from hitting alt-f4, using the normal VP.exe, normally everything works fine. What I meant to say was hitting play after editing when it was the VP908.exe table , that's when it locked up. I generally won't be editing the 908 tables, but I was just testing everything and came across it. I think that makes more sense.
  13. OK, All working fine. Didn't have the .exe after the version in the vp908table settings file. Sopranos FS vpinball908 Due to the fact that i have known files extensions hidden, and copy / paste everything, small oversight on my part. It did however lock up HP upon restarting the table after minimising with Alt f4 with the vp908 table.
  14. Blur, when it loads the vp908 table, the table loads but it is the HP preview of the table. I also hit Alt f4 to check the vp version, but it closes when i hit play again. The VP912 stuff still works fine. There was somethin else strange that i cant remember, so i'll have to check it again on the weekend. I'm using XP.
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