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  1. I compiled a new 0.140 and it works fine now.
  2. I've now tested this without hyperspin and it works fine. I tried exiting with and without hyperlaunch but every time it crashes when writing a high score. Any ideas?
  3. I was hoping someone could help me out with Hitotext. This is what I have done: 1 - Compiled MAME 0.140u1 with latest hiscore diff 2 - Downloaded latest hitotext w xml and put in hyperspin folder with hyperspin.exe 3 - Downloaded latest hiscore.dat and put in MAME folder with MAME.exe 4 - Edited Hyperlaunch MAME portion with Autohotkey to remove "Hotkey, %exitEmulatorKey%, CloseProcess" then recompiled. 5 - Made sure that hyperpin's setting.ini had HiScore section, Active = true After editing hyperlaunch I am now getting .hi files to generate but when I achieve an actual hiscore it is crashing MAME. I played Donkey Kong and got a hiscore. When I exited I got a crash error box from MAME. Next time I tried to play Donkey Kong it was all messed up and DK was invisible, etc. So I deleted the .hi file and played again. It was now fine but when I got another hiscore and tried to exit it crashed again. Can you help me get this setup properly? Thanks.
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