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  1. This is very helpful, thanks a lot! EDIT: I just noticed: The Andoid_Settings you linked do not conform with your recommendation of naming/placing the rom files: You say we are to unzip the roms (which to me means they have final extensions like gb, gg, smc bin etc.) and place them inside "Emulators/<System Name>/roms". Now after reviewing the settings-inis the extension Hyperspin looks for seems to be zip in almost any case (which also makes more sense to me storage wise) and for the Sega-Systems the path seems to be rather "Emulators/master system/roms <System name>/" It took me some time to find out why nothing worked like it should, but now this makes perfect sense :-) Perhaps you should tell the people to place the roms in the dir that is defined in the "appropriate" settings.ini to be as accurate as possible while this should remain understandable for anyone your really good tutorial aims at. Another thing regarding the Shield Tablet/Portable and RetroArch: I always have problems with RetroArch freezing/Crashing when the roms are zipped AND located on the external SD-Card, since RetroArch seems to run into trouble extracting the roms in that directory. In this case it seems to me that using uncompressed roms work better. Also the .emu-Apps by Robert Broglia are not affected and run really well (worth their money while not meant as advertisement). Thx again, Technose
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