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  1. it does have 50mm feet on it already and i was thinking led strip lighting underneath that i have left over from when i installed some on my boat.
  2. hi the flippers are 750mm ( 29.5 " ) apart quite comfortable actually. Yep its a different design because i wanted to incorporate both mame and pinball into sit down style table that still looked nice.
  3. after reading a post about addictive games etc it bought back memories of the good old games so i decided to build a mame cab. while thinking about it i decided to make it a pinball setup as well and started playing with vision pinball and hyperspin for the mame . So started with a 32' lcd for the main screen and a 19' for the back-glass screen for the pinball that is designed to drop down when not playing pinball Then on the inside i have a dualcore 3ghz cpu with 4gig ram and twin 1tb drives and a gtx610 video card . hooked up to that is the basic usb encoder with 8 buttons per player plus joystick for mame plus the 3 main buttons for the pinball and extra buttons for mame admin. this is the final result just needs a final polish
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