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  1. Windows 7 Bootanimation "HyperSpin AC Pacman"

    I  made a  custom bootanimation for my windows 7  HyperSpin Arcade Cabinet.  For tweaking the Bootanimation, I used the "Windows 7 Boot Updater" 
    How To
    Download and install "Windows 7 Boot Updater" You will find it on google (freeware) Download my shared zip file with the  boot-animationen and extract  it to a place you like. Start "Windows 7 Boot Updater" and use  the "HS-boot-1024x768.png" as "Background" For the animation, take the folder "boot-animation" Known issues :  
    If you use my boot-animation on a monitor with upper resolution than 1024x768, the backround and animation will be streched. (Like in my recording video) Other OS ( Windows 8 , 10) instead of windows 7 are not supported! Windows 10 and 8 use a static picture for the boot process. I don't try it on Windows XP, but I think nobody use windows XP for HyperSpin. Here a recording of the boot process with my animation:
    Used artwork :
    hope you enjoyed!
    Don't forget to give me a level up!
    THX to  CroCop and  gigapig for supporting me 



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