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  1. OK. Final post. Here is how I installed everything. There are 5 wires connecting the front power button to the motherboard in a Dell 790 SFF Optiplex. I spliced the YELLOW and BLACK wires to the arcade buttons. BLUE, RED and ORANGE stayed going to the motherboard. I don't get LED functionality but I will survive. No alert message. Boots right up.
  2. The hornets net... Windows boots!! Blue light is back on the comp... But here's my new problem. The green arcade light stays on when the computer is off. Turns off when computer is on. Basically opposite of what I want.
  3. I took off the front power button. Clearly red and blue (as I have them) are meant for an LED of some sort. On the other side black, yellow and orange are grouped. I currently have black and yellow going to the button with orange being free. What I'm going to do is splice the front panel button wires into the mix and reattach orange.
  4. I'ma go ahead and do that... 1) Front panel BLK, Y, R and B spliced with original motherboard BLK, Y, R and B and speaker wire that leads to button. 2) Front panel orange to motherboard orange. See what happens. Front panel will get original signal and button in the middle will hopefully still work without setting off an alert message.
  5. Would splicing the original front panel wires back into the mix help? So basically from the button.... BLK, Y, R and B spliced into the speaker wire that is already spliced with the motherboard wire, that then heads out to the button. The orange wire simply reattach to itself. That would basically be the original signal loop, with the arcade button in the middle. The button should still work, and the power/signal from the motherboard to the front panel would reach each other and vice versa.
  6. OK. Here we go. This is where the front panel power button cable connected to on the motherboard. Six-pin housing with five wires. BLK, R, Y, B and O. I cut the cable. I added wire to each line to give me length to work with and added a labeled tag to each. After a little trial and error I found that BLK and Y powered on the computer as the button used to. I also saw that R and B together acted as the LED- coming on when the computer did so, going off when the computer shuts down. I did not see how it acted in SLEEP mode so I'm not sure if it blinks. That leaves Orange as the odd wire out. I just put some tape on the end and let it be free. I took some PCI covers off the back of the case. Took 4 speaker wires and connected them appropriately. Here is how I hooked up to the button. Remember, Orange is loose wire. Any ideas? I can't find out what each color represents cause Dell thinks it's some top secret shit. Any ideas?
  7. Hey. I just looked at the cable that connected the motherboard to the power button. I saw there were 5 wires. The LED button has 4. Trial and error got it up and working. One Orange wire was left out of the mix. I'd love to know how to bypass this message.
  8. Hey guys. Been trying to figure this out. Today I hacked an LED arcade button to power up my Dell 790 Optiplex SFF. Success. The button acts just as a power button would do. Press it to boot computer, press to go into hibernate and hold down to power off. Only problem I have is a Dell diagnostic program giving me a message .... "Alert. Power Button Cable failure." Here is the message... When I press F2 it takes me to the BIOS. Here is a pic with all the settings opened... More settings... Here is what I get when I press F5. It's Dell's ePSA program. Self diagnostics. It spots a difference in the power cable I hacked. And another... The Dell front power button had 5 wires. BLK, R, Y, B and O. I noticed on the MOBO which colors sat across from each other. The microswitch has BLK on the bottom and Y in the middle. The LED has R and B hooked up to it, leaving O free from anything. The computer boots up. The Dell POST screen splashes. And then I'm hit with the "Alert!" message. How do I get around this? Can I skip the cable test in ePSA? Should I reset CMOS battery? Reset BIOS? Update BIOS? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Once this is done, the Hyperspin cabinet is 100% complete!!!!
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