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  1. sjlewis78


  2. I have seen zero issues with conflicts with other controls. I have an X-Arcade TankStick and a boat load of USB adapters to use original controllers. I am only using that MayFlash bar for Wii and set it in MAME to be the lightgun by switching the wii controller to mouse mode. Nothing peculiar that I have come across with any of my controls at all.
  3. After seeing the post here yesterday, I am now a backer. Someone should have proof read the article on KickStarter, I noticed a ton of typos.
  4. Still a lot of adapters after reading through the description.
  5. It could replace my mess of USB adapters. This is about half of them...
  6. I did the pi/emulation station thing in an old Atari that got flooded. Cost me about 60 bucks
  7. For those like me who struggled to find an inexpensive solution to light gun games on an LCD screen, I would recommend getting the Mayflash Dolphin Bar. http://www.amazon.com/TOTALCONSOLE-W010-Wireless-Sensor-DolphinBar/dp/B00HZWEB74 Its 18 bucks, plug and play, and really easy to switch between mouse and wii mode. Currently adding every game I can that supports a mouse as a light gun emulation. Nestopedia and MAME seem to work great so far. Going to look into PS1 and PS2 next. I originally purchased this just for Wii games, but noticed the mouse mode stuck it in one of those cheap gun holders and loving it. After banging my head against the wall with BlueSolei this was well worth the price. Figured Id share the positive results.
  8. sjlewis78

    Relative Paths

    It's possible is Nestopia, but I tried every emulator I have. MAME is the only one that seems to work with relative path on roms, so it makes it unlikely.
  9. sjlewis78

    Relative Paths

    I am having all sorts of grief trying to get the relative paths working. It appears that the emulator launches but can't find the game path and says file not found. I have hyperlaunch turned on and it works if I have the full path with drive letters. My directory Structure is: H:\Hyperspin\Emulators\[system emu directory] H:\Hyperspin\Roms\[system rom directory] Here is an example of the settings for NES: [exe info] path=.\Emulators\Nestopia\ rompath=.\Roms\NES\ userompath=false exe=nestopia.exe romextension=nes parameters= searchsubfolders=false pcgame=false winstate=HIDDEN hyperlaunch=true Am I missing something here?
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