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  1. I did NOT purchase a system. I built a PC an bought a bunch of buttons and joystick and put it all together. Make a cabinet from plywood. I downloaded Hyperspin and Rocket Launcher. I can get my games (MAME) to run by browsing to the folder. but im having trouble mapping my push buttons and joy stick to work with them. and also having trouble getting them to open with hyperspin. Obviously i'm missing sometihing and just looking for someone to assist me in getting it going. just lookign to pay someone a couple hours to teamviewer in an see what im doing wrong.
  2. Ive read for days and still am having trouble. I'm looking to pay someone to remote into my system and get things working. Spent a lot of money on dedicated pc and 4 player cabinet. I'm in eastern time zone USA. Please reach out rpaulson at ezworks dot net thanks
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