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  1. hahaah i did exactly the same thing with a Marvel poster .. Cant wait to see it finished
  2. I know the feeling , I finished my cab months ago but havent had a chance to sit and play due to commitments with the Kids , wife etc
  3. Love the art work mate , really Nice
  4. Thanks for the reply , i did the same , The posters from the shop can look great if done correctly
  5. nice , looking forward to watching the progress
  6. Looks great mate , What did you do for the CP graphics ? Did you get them custom made ?
  7. Hi Mate i built my Vewlix clone with Sanwa JLF sticks and Sanwa OBSF Buttons ( buttons don't click at all ) initially i thought theJoysticks clicking would bother me however once the game is playing i have not noticed it at all. For me as i play Mortal kombat , Street Figher etc i would not go pass SANWA parts . Very easy install into a PS360+ to allow me to play on the Xbox 360 & a cronus max to play on xbox one . Currently i am still setting up hyperspin which will have an IPAC installed also but it is very simple Cheers mate
  8. Just an update i aquired a cronus Max plus controller mod for au $80 and now have full functionality with the Sanwa buttons & stick ( Ps360+ pcb ) and the Xbox one which has been giving me nightmares over the last couple of weeks . The machine is now completed so its now on to the original Vewlix cabinet to pull apart and mod to my liking . The Jamma board will be removed and replaced with a high end Pc to play all the latest games plus finally trying to finish the hyperspin setup etc Happy to share any and all wiring tips if you need a hand thanks
  9. Doubled checked and it appears that the xbox one will only work if i pad hack the controllers as it doesnt work with the Ps360+. Wired it all and played a few hours of Street Fighter 4 & MK . the feeling on the machine is perfect now Couple of more photos https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=DCDE0ADC6B4E0713!4071&authkey=!AOQr37yuyY-BhhI&ithint=folder%2c
  10. Hi there . I finally wired it all up last night and routered out the recess for the arcade sticks. I bought 2 , ps360+ from in2amusements for $60 each that allows me to wire all joysticks and 8 buttons for a quick usb connect to the Xbox 360s and PS3 . Will try the Xbox one in an hour or so and see if it works .. I must admit I have left hyper spin out at the moment as it is stressing me with setups hahaha . Tried out my arcade sticks last night on the 360 with street fighter and mortal kombat and it feels just like it did on the arcades
  11. Hi all The cabinet finally has buttons and is 90% complete. Overall i am very happy with it and shoud be putting the finishing touches on this weekend There are 3 more photos and would appreciate your feedback cheers https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=DCDE0ADC6B4E0713!4058&authkey=!AGoPbV9VocaI5DM&ithint=folder%2cJPG
  12. Pic of the header for my panel , Thanks Big W and a $8 poster
  13. Back again . i have now added 2.1 logitech speakers and some speaker grills that i have spray painted black . Just awaiting additional Sanwa buttons , JLF sticks & the Ps360+ which will easily allow me to add the controls & buttons to the xbox's and hopefully the Xbox one also . For the graphics i found some Avengers posters my son had that were scratched up on the corners that seem to fit perfectly so i am in the process of cutting these out and applying . Overall the job was very simple but time consuming . The only thing left is to pull the control panel off and sand the paint back to really smooth it all out and do it 100% as the job on the CP ( painting ) is sub par currently .
  14. Good luck, Looks like a nice design I went the route of a pre fabbed Vewlix machine from Arcade worx as i have an original also . what sort of graphics are you looking at for it ?
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