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  1. No mate, they just ignore my emails!!
  2. Yeah most things seem to be there, I'm a little busy at work but when I get time I will start looking through everything. Hopefully with a little help I will work things out for myself and have things up and running.
  3. I appreciate you guys giving me the advice, it seems I will have to start from scratch and try to learn this from the ground up!! Thank you for your time
  4. Hi guys sorry to ask but I bought a 4tb hyperspin external hard drive and it's not as described. It's supposed to be plug and play all latest versions but unfortunately the company I bought it from lied about the product. I'm not very pc minded and saw the videos and thought I would love something like this for me and my children. I payed over £200 for it and have got no idea what to do with it now? Any advise would be much appreciated. Cheers
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