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  1. Khanex

    Hyperspin help.

    Thank you. I'll give it a try.
  2. Khanex

    Hyperspin help.

    Yes it is. Any other solution? :/....
  3. Khanex

    Hyperspin help.

    Sorry for the double post Everytime I try to start a game, I get this error....
  4. Khanex

    Hyperspin help.

    Hellio. Thanks everyone for helping me. I'm still having issues launching and using the custom arcade controller in the emulators. I am now using the start up script for the Launcher, but I need to be able to use the controller for Ultra Street Fighter 4 and Mame Street FIghter Games.... Any help would be great.
  5. Khanex

    Hyperspin help.

    All I wanted to do was make the computer launch into hyperspin with mame games working with the controller, and also have steam games hooked up. And no matter what game or system I pick, the arcade controller will work... I have hyperspin working with mame, but controller isnt working... Steam I cannot connect correctly...
  6. Khanex

    Hyperspin help.

    How is 1.4? I heard its pretty stable. Also with arcade buttons and joysticks, is it easy to setup? To become a platinum member its $50 correct? And its recommended to just use hyperspin with the built in hyperlauncher instead of the rocketlauncher right? Thanks for your help btw.
  7. Khanex

    Hyperspin help.

    Hello. I've been running hyperspin with rocketlauncher. I've been having so many issues from launching emulators with roms smoothly and also connecting my joystick control panel setup. I was wondering if hyperspin 1.4 is any better? Also how do I obtain a copy of hyperspin?
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