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  1. Don't think the developer is going to help :/ "Sorry, but this is very problematic. In current state of project (license check & load process) I can't to do this easy. And I have more priority things for develop at this time"

  2. Thanks a lot Sting.... I need your help..

    What do you need ?

    All my setting or just that i have posted ?

    I've just had a quick go, and all I'm getting is a black screen :/ Gonna have another go later, but I've also just emailed the developer :)

  3. Hello 

    thanks a lot for your message Sting but it not runs !!

    Can you help me --> there is probably a problem in my 3do setting android.


    [exe info]

    path=H:\hyperspin\emulators\Panasonic 3DO\

    rompath=Emulators/Panasonic 3DO/roms








    Thanks !!!!

    Leave it with me, I'll have a look this weekend :)

  4. I tried that, no luck. Perhaps reformat the drive? I already have it backed up.

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    Don't format, you'll be forever reformatting it!!! Plug into your PC and modify something or add a random folder, now in the bottom right there should be an option to unmount (make sure you unmount it this way) don't just unplug it, it causes the drive to corrupt. Then unplug the power on your shield, plug the drive in and then the power lead and start up. If it doesn't work the first time try restarting with it plugged in. I've noticed myself that if you just hot plug it (plug with power on) it won't read, also it won't read it if it's not been unmounted properly since Marshmallow update its really fussy. Also don't unmount from shield with power on.
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