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  1. Sting


  2. Further to this, you need to launch a game through Hyperspin from a system that doesn't need a BIOS file. And then once launched through Hyperspin, go to the settings menu and point it to your BIOS folder
  3. Sting

    mupen64plus speed?

    Bezel/overlays are available to use on any core in RetroArch
  4. Sting

    shield tv recorded videos

    Here's the complete path, it could be on your internal or external drive, I'm not sure how to change the directory settings, so you may have to check both (Android/media/com.nvidia.nvgamecast/Game Recordings/)
  5. Sting


    It's an emulator update that's broke it :/
  6. Sting


    Don't think the developer is going to help :/ "Sorry, but this is very problematic. In current state of project (license check & load process) I can't to do this easy. And I have more priority things for develop at this time"
  7. Sting


    I've just had a quick go, and all I'm getting is a black screen :/ Gonna have another go later, but I've also just emailed the developer
  8. Sting


    Leave it with me, I'll have a look this weekend
  9. Sting


    Try this exe=ru.vastness.altmer.real3doplayer/ru.vastness.altmer.real3doplayer.EmuActivity
  10. Sting

    Network stored games

    Hello Loueradun, can you do anything with this??? kickstart_rom_file=/sdcard/Download/Amiga/kick.rom chipmem_size=1 bogomem_size=2 use_gui=no nr_floppies=2 cpu_type=68000 cpu_speed=real cpu_compatible=true ntsc=false chipset=ocs immediate_blits=false gfx_linemode=double gfx_framerate=1 sound_output=normal sound_frequency=44100 sound_channels=mixed sound_interpol=none show_leds=true floppy_speed=100 gfx_center_vertical=smart gfx_center_horizontal=smart gfx_color_mode=16 floppy0=/sdcard/Download/Amiga/Rick Dangerous.adf It's a (.cfg) to directly start Amiga games with the UAE core in RetroArch, can't get it to work though. All I get is a black screen :/ sample cfg.zip
  11. Sting

    shield tv recorded videos

    No worries, really need to put path in a thread
  12. Tested and it works finally If anyone hasn't already, I'd update your Mupen 64 core, and then Never update it again
  13. Sting


    Just checked mine, and there in (.cdi) I must of run into the same problem when I set it up, and stuck to (.cdi)
  14. Sting


    Does your Dreamcast wheel go from (AtoZ) of the game names??? And as Badhemi says "you can't use subfolders in android". Everything must be unpacked in your ROMs folder.