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  1. Hello my friends. I am a long time Mame user and just recently finished my Verticade home made arcade cabinet. Download HyperV which worked immediately, spend a few hours figgering out tweaking it (add Scanlines, spinner, favourites etc.) and it just works fine, like it. It has 1000+ games on it and it starts up with my ~120 fave games and is working with just the buttons, very happy. So now I am building my Horizontade mame cabinet with my favourite horizontal games. So then I downloaded a Hyperspin from punkarcade with 400 top games which looks really nice. The whole menu is working, starts up in full screen and I can start up any game. But when I start up the game I get two things that I don’t like. 1. Mame does not startup in full screen mode and has two intentional coloured bezels left and right, how can I fix this? When I start up this mame version directly it starts up in FS without the bezels. 2. When I use any HSL setting (like scanlines) the games run at 30-40 procent, extremely slow. When I start Mame myself directly I can use any visual HSL setting and all games run at 100%. How can I fix both these annoyances? Any help is appreciated!
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