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  1. A couple videos for you guys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqVtVlVvTuc - 2 Player DEMO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-OnXZwHeI0 - Cab Demo Feedback please E
  2. pretty much done just can't paste links to the pics
  3. MORE COMING VERY SOON!!! There have been changes along the way, the PC will be a little weaker, has we have decided to cannibalize two computers to create one!! Once everything worked the top part will be updated. BUT pics will be coming very soon. Actually I have lots of pics but every time I try to upload them, the site says they are to big But I will probably use imgur or something like that. E
  4. Gigapig if you want to come over and help, we can explore that option. E
  5. couple updates. Hyperspin is 100% configured. next is going through MAME and correcting orientation on the games. Most are already done, and some need some minor tweaking. Decided to go with a ASUS monitor for now. AMP and speakers are hooked up to the computer, and WOW is all's I can say. They aren't mounted and the bass is so amazing. It adds to the build, so if anyone who decides to build an arcade and is thinking of skipping speakers and amp, DON'T. Wireless adapter is working perfect. Logitech K520 keyboard and mouse are controlling everything now and into the foreseeable future. Hubby is pretty happy, but I asked him to be as "hands off as possible" I ordered a power switch for the arcade. The plan is to buy a power supply with a "master" outlet that controls sub outlets. When the power switch is pushed, everything boots up. Possible upgrades and maybe suggestions. LED lights? I wanted to put LED lights on the cocktail arcade to just add a touch of awesomeness to it. Next is to actually order the cabinet. I am on the fence to either get the one with the prebuilt controls or the one that doesn't come with them. Pretty exciting stuff here.
  6. Hiya! Is there a place to download special art work? Or do I have to download themes or something else? E
  7. Computer: Windows 7 64 Bit Intel Core I7-4770K 3.50 Ghz 8 GB Ram AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series 1 120GB SSD - OS Only 1 3TB 7200 Sata Hard Drive - Hyperspin and games 23' HD LCD View Sonic Lepy LP Amp Boss Audio 6.5 250 Watt Speakers Hyperspin 1.4
  8. Hiya!!!! We are about to start our journey into the cocktail cabinet world! Thanks to a few amazing members here things are going amazingly well. To start off I would like to thank a few people 1. SimplyAustin: Your videos are just amazing, and I am sure helping to many new members out. Since you don't hear it enough, THANK YOU! 2. 32 Assassin: He has been helping me out behind the scenes so much it is like I am having an affair. He really has been great with the setup so far. 3. Jeepguy81 / SORHP: They have made the most amazing theme pack for a cocktail arcade. It is simply breathtaking how much effort they put into the packs. 4: I am sorry if I missed anyone, this is just a small list of the many many members and contributors on this site. Thank you all (well most of you)
  9. Hey I need graphics for my cocktail build, I know this is for Pinball, but I would rather keep it in house, if you can or can't can you please inbox me? Thanks bunches E
  10. Who wants to see pics of me building my cocktail cab? Well not of me, but the build itself? Oh and any suggestions as I start the build would be amazing E
  11. WOW, seems like a lot of work. I hope you guys launch HB Live soon, and if you need any beta testers or help just let me know. I know I am new but who knows what a girl can do until you ask. E
  12. Thank you 32, it is a little different but def the same artwork. Also I noticed the controls don't change, meaning to make the game selection go to the right when the monitor is flipped I have to push down to go right instead right. Anyone know a way to fix this? E
  13. I saw a video on youtube with a cocktail cab running HS and it was a skinned/themed version without a doubt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4WMjNCJHXA He mentions cooljeeps vertical themes but I can't find anything like this here. Any Ideas? E
  14. Silly boys, I love reading the posts, you guys always say be patient, but when you are having the issue you are the opposite. What happened to empathy in this world? I would be upset if my connection just stopped working for no reason, just as anyone would be. If I paid for plat membership and my IP was banned and I couldn't use the services I would be even more upset and really want answers. I am sure someone will hide behind the idea that they didn't pay for a service but gave a donation, but really it is the exact same thing. Gunit, I hope they figure it out for you, I would be furious myself E
  15. Hiya you scan set HS up to only show the roms you have and etc through HyperHQ e
  16. But since you guys asked the systems I can't get to work System Emulator 1. Atari 5200 Mess or RetroArch 2. Amiga CD32 3. Daphne Daphne 4. TG-16 CD RetroArch 5. 3DO RetroArch 6. PopCap 7. Sega CD RetroArch 6. Sega Saturn RetroArch 7. PlayStation 8. Playstation 2 8 out of the 32 systems I am working with, so not to shabby for a first timmer E
  17. Styphelus, I wasn't trying to solicit help Not yet anyways E
  18. Hiya I used another site for roms. I am ADD and wanted 100% complete sets. I am great with my cart systems, but since I can't get the cd systems to work I have not downloaded them yet. thanks bunches E
  19. Hiya as a new member who has asked a few questions and very much appreciated all the help, I am so lost. Looking through the forums where is the guy who made hyperspin??????????? Does he come around and then disappear for years???? Why is it such a big no no to ask about him???? I noticed when ever someone asks about him they get mean responses from moderators of the site. The reason I ask, I was going to pay for the platinum but am scared, scared if I ask the wrong thing I will be kicked off the site, or outcasted and then I wasted my money. I also noticed a file called beta 015, but it hasn't been updated since I joined. When I beta tested other programs there is usually a swarm of updates. Is it because I am not a platinum member and it's past 015. Should I know these answers? I am half way through setting up hyperspin, but most of the work is really with RocketLauncher, so if this is a go no where thing I heard of something called retrofe. I heard retrofe is very actively worked on and may be a better long term solution. Any advice? E
  20. try this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuYLpCQIQdM SimplyAustin stopped updating his vides a month ago, but the few he did are amazing. I wouldn't use his art packs if you are OCD like me because he won't share the wheel art, except in his videos, but otherwise topnotch stuff and I have used them. E
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