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  1. flatuswalrus


  2. flatuswalrus

    Wrong credentials for HS login

    I just upgraded to but still won't log into EmuMovies.
  3. flatuswalrus

    Wrong credentials for HS login

    ^ No one at all can help with this? There must be at least one person that knows what might be wrong, right?
  4. flatuswalrus

    Wrong credentials for HS login

    Hi all, I have a platinum membership for Hyperspin and a lifetime membership for EmuMovies so I am all decked out. I downloaded the latest version of Hypersync ( and went to login in the user account settings "area". Hyperspin logs in fine but it says "could not verify EmuMovies membership, check your credentials and try again". I definitely have my username and password correct so there is no issue there. Is there a simple solution to this problem or maybe something I am missing? Thanks.
  5. flatuswalrus

    HyperSpin 1.3 Update Release

    I just downloaded both 1.3 & 1.3.1 to take a look and in each download .zip I got two files, hyperspin & HyperHQ. Are these the only two files I need? I should just replace these two with my older version and all other files are good in the older version that I have? Thanks.