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  1. Actually combining games from multiple systems into one wheel is exactly what I'm trying to do:) Thanks for the suggestion earthprime - it looks a bit complicated but I'll give it a shot!
  2. Thanks for the advice guys. Unfortunately the HLSL in MAME hasn't yet caught up with the old AAE in my opinion, so I'll be using that for all vector games. I don't mind putting a bit of time into this - I've only got about 70 games in all on the system. I just want to do it in as straightforward a way as possible. I'll try some of these and see how it works out. Thanks again!
  3. Sorry mate, I'm a noob to all this - you did a bit of a fly-by:) The only reason I have everything working is that I followed the guide on here... Is there a tutorial anywhere that I can use? I've looked but can't find exactly what I'm after. Thanks!
  4. So I finally got setup with the kind help of Gigapig here, but there is one thing that I can't for the life of me figure out. I'm only using 2 emulators (MAME + AAE) in a cocktail cab and what I'd like to do is: Edit the Main wheel so instead of the huge list of emulators, it has custom categories. ie. 2 Player CoOp Games, Spinner Games, etc. BUT I'd like these categories to cover both MAME and AAE - so 'Spinner Games' might have Tempest (running on AAE) and also have Arkanoid (running on MAME). IS this possible? Thanks guys!
  5. Worked perfectly! Thanks for a great guide mate!
  6. Hi Guys Hopefully you can help because I really love some of the settings you've come up with here! I've done a fresh install of HyperSpin + RocketLauncher, using the most recent MAMEUIFX. All games play perfectly with GLSL settings when launched with MAMEUIFX. But when I launch through HyperSpin, it ignores the settings and I get no scanlines etc. Any ideas what I should do? Thanks! EDIT: I also just added AAE for vector games. Outside of Hyperspin, the games run with backgrounds, bezels etc. When launched from inside HyperSpin, these are all gone - like HyperSpin has ignored the settings. I'm guessing this is related - can anyone help?
  7. Hi Everyone I've been trying to get Hyperspin to work with the GLSL shaders in mameuifx 0.163 for a while now with no success. It runs perfectly when I run mameuifx outside of Hyperspin, but from inside the frontend it seems like Hyperspin is ignoring the settings and plays the games without any scanlines etc. Anyone got any ideas what might be the problem? Thanks
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