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  1. Hmmm, setup is more involved than I thought years ago when I downloaded Mame and some roms and started playing... I'm an IT guy, so I can certainly figure it out and do whatever batch, XML, or programming needs to be done, it's just finding the time...

    At the moment, I have the following planned:

    - Mame .141 with all roms and all working CHD's, compiled for 64 bit with the no-nag/hiscore diff

    - Daphne with about 10 laserdisk games, I got it working for Dragon's Lair but have more work to do for the other games (framefiles and such)

    - Dreamcast, working with about 30-40 games I picked based on a top 25 list and some others

    - Nintendo 64, working with 75 or so games

    - Playstation, at the moment I just have Crash Bandicoot: Warped (a favorite of mine) and a few other games, but plan on getting this working fully

    - SNES - working with all US based games (700 or so)

    - Atari 2600 with all games (500 or so)

    I may add 1 or 2 others but that should be it. Now I have to get all of the emulators working properly with Hyperspin, get my XML files generated, and collect all the bits of artwork and vids and themes I've stashed in various places and figure out where to put them. Then install the new PC in my cabinet and map all the controls and I'll be good to go! Maybe...

  2. hows the set-up going man? Did u decide on what games you really want in there?

  3. Thanks MrX_Cuci, I'll check that thread out and make additions to my list where applicable. Funny, I've had Mame since 1997 I think, played with it on and off, but only recently started getting serious about getting a cabinet and trying to get everything updated and organized. I searched on other forums for info on clones and asked some questions, didn't find much, so did the work myself. Never even thought to post or look here, since I thought it would be more geared toward the front end, artwork, and related questions. Between you and BBB pointing the way, I realize now I should have checked here first!!! Thanks again for the info, look forward to diving into HS and putting all of this information to use, I'll be sure to check the forum on any setup or config questions I have before I post questions. Scott
  4. Thanks guys for the appreciation, makes my 2 1/2 passes through the entire mame list worthwhile... Thanks BBB for the links to the other thread, I updated my list with some information I found there as well as everything else you guys mentioned here. As for the numerous Galaxian, Galaga, Pacman, Street Fighter, etc. clones, there are just so many with minor changes that unless you are a huge fan of the game and play them all a fair amount to compare the main version is probably enough. That's why I didn't include any of those in the list. I can play Galaga until I fall asleep, and other than the obvious shooting hack that I've heard about (but haven't yet tried) I don't think slightly different graphics or a different board set will make enough different to matter. But again, huge fans of the game may want to add in several of those clones to play. And yes, I originally had this in a spreadsheet and when I tried to post excel files weren't allowed, so I dumped into a text file and posted that because the formatting got screwed up otherwise. I'll try to edit my first post and put my list into the format I saw a few posts up, then it can be maintained going forward. EDIT: Figured out the Code thing, worked great, updated list is now in the first post and I'll check back periodically and update with any new information. Thanks! Scott
  5. I have a Mame cab that I got from someone running advancemame/advancemenu on linux. Works great for now, but advancemame is years behind mame and I had really planned for a different setup, so I'm in the process of collecting all of the latest files and graphics I need to do it the way I want. I plan on using Hyperspin for my front end after some serious evaluation, just signed up last week and downloaded a bunch of artwork and themes, now I just need to figure out what to do with it all! Anyway, I posted a question on the BYOAC forums about Mame clones, wondering if anyone had a list of clones that were better or different enough from the parent. I have all of the roms and hate my current setup where I have to choose between 2, 3, 5, or more versions of a game, I just want one version of the game to show up (the parent or "normal" one) unless a clone is worth it. I heard about the puckman/pacman situation, and a few others, so my plan was to use something like RomLister to filter the master list of games to get rid of mature games, casino games, mahjong, etc. and also to filter out clones, but my fear was that I would lose out on some good clones. Since I couldn't find a list, I created one. As I was filtering my list and scanning through the ENTIRE list of Mame games multiple times (all 7600 working titles), I compiled a list of additions (that were incorrectly filtered out by RomLister), clones that I want to add back in to the list, and games I would ideally like to delete. Since I couldn't find this information anywhere, I thought I would post it here in case someone else is interested. Below is a list of good or different clones that I could find in the current version of Mame along with the rom names and notes. These are clones that have enhanced play or graphics, are actually other versions of the game, have control hacks or tweaks, etc. I'm sure I missed one or two in that massive list, but this is much better than the 5 or 6 I found out about before. I seriously hope this wasn't all in vain, as it took a while, and that I will be able to take my list and export it to a XML format that Hyperspin can use (like it says). Either way, I can put together a batch program or whatever to move things around or do something so get a nice pared down list of the games I want to see. Next step - get my PC ready and start installing and loading programs and art to their final locations and begin the process of configuring and tweaking HS. I'm sure I'll be on here in the future to read old threads and get some questions answered. Scott Game Parent Clone Notes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ace Attack ace (orig game) aceattack Actually a Volleyball game, clone of Ace Attacker? (no parent) Ajax ajax typhoon This version has a different stage order and possible additional level Bad Dudes vs. Dragonninja baddudes drgninja Japanese version has different background music and different ending Cabal cabal cabalus Trackball version Captain America Avengers captaven captavenu US version, not really that different Combat School combatsc combatsct Trackball version Cyberball cyberbal cyberbal2p 2 player version D. D. Crew ddcrew ddcrew2 2 player version Defend the Terra Attack redufo exodus Slightly improved graphics DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou ddp3 ddp3blk Black label edition is more playable and allows continues Donkey Kong II dkong dkongx11 Donkey Kong 2 hack, new levels etc Eliminator (4 players) elim2 elim4 4 player mode, only 4 player vector game ever made Galaga galaga galagamf Fast shoot Gauntlet II gaunt2 gaunt22p 2 player version Gauntlet gauntlet gauntlet2p 2 player version Gigas gigandes gigasb Actually a breakout game, clone of gigas? (not listed as parent) Golden Tee 2000 Tournament gt2k (regular) gt2kt500 Tourney edition, changes? Ikari III - The Rescue ikari3 ikari3nr Joystick hack Ikari Warriors ikari ikarijpb Joystick hack Joust joust joustr Pterodactyl scoring bug King of Fighters 2005 Anniv kof2002 kf2k5uni Anniversary edition, changed graphics, music, characters Land Maker landmakr landmakrp English translation Main Event mainevt mainevt2p 2 player version Major Havoc mhavoc mhavocrv Return to Vax hack, easier then original, extra levels, minor play changes Marvel Vs. Capcom: COSH mvsc mvscj Japanese version gives you an extra character Ms. Pac Man mspacman mspacmnf Speedup hack NBA Maximum Hangtime nbahangt nbamht1 Updated roster, minor play changes Night Slasher nslasher nslasherj Japanese version is uncensored - red blood and some different and extended scenes Pacman puckman pacman Original pacman game Pacman puckman pacmanf Speedup hack Peggle peggle pegglet Trackball version Pirate Pete junglek piratpet Pirate-based version of Jungle Hunt Qix II Tournament qix qix2 Enhanced version with different colors and bonus features Rampart rampart rampart2p Joystick version Robocop 2 robocop2 robocop2j Japanese version has extra playable into level and extra scene at the end Salamander (Lifeforce) salamand lifefrcej Enhanced US version (lifefrce) and listed Japanese version have new graphics and improved gameplay Shadow Warriors (Ninja Gaiden) shadoww gaiden US (gaiden) and Japan (ryukendn) versions have different music and fighting/difficulty diffs Simpsons simpsons simpsons2p 2 player version Snow Bros. 3 - Magical Adv snowbros snowbros3 Third in the series, seems to be a clone of the first game Sunset Riders ssriders ssridersubc 2 player version Super Bubble Bobble bublbobl sboblboa Super Bubble Bobble, minor changes Street Fighter II: Hyper Fight sf2hf sf2hfj Turbo version incorporates unofficial hacks and is supposed to be the best in the series Tempest Tubes tempest temptube Version of Tempest with different shapes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tmnt tmnt2po 2 player version Undercover Cops uccops uccopsar Alpha Renewal version has better graphics and additional character moves Vendetta vendetta vendetta2p 2 player version. Also Asian versions have bikers and dogs that grab, hump, and lick the player... Zerowing zerowing zerowing2 2 player version instead of 1
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