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  1. I am running the newest version It was working fine. Today started seeing can't login to Emumovies from app. I can login to website so I know user and password are correct.
  2. Let me know how you do. I haven't had time to really work with ours. Real life stuff has been keeping me busy and kicking my butt.
  3. Question for you all. So for MAME how should I setup buttons? The controller has 2 row of 3 buttons and 1 row of 2. So in MAME should I do 1-8? Heard somewhere do 1-6 skip 7-8 for last 2 buttons and setup as 9 and 10. Not sure what is best setup. Then guess so whatever is best for player 2.
  4. Got all the parts and put together last night. Going to move PC into cabinet later today and start messing with it.
  5. Still waiting for the cabinet to ship. Picked up a 120hz 32" Vizio TV cheap for this setup. Also got the PC built in a cube case.
  6. That is how mine says it's coming. Really like the looks of it. And the extra utility type buttons I think is nice! So you use it for RetroArch at all? Reading that the Left Ctrl, Left Alt, Space and Left Shift cause issues with some EMUs and RetroArch.
  7. They told me uses a I-Pac mini. I also have an I-Pac 2 laying around here. Not sure with swapping it would gain me anything. I am reading that the top row of buttons for player 1 causes issues with other EMUs. Not sure how to get around that. Trying to make this as kid proof as I can for 5, 10 and 11 year olds and the wife!
  8. I am getting one of these: Xtension Sit Down Pro Arcade Machine "Emulator Edition" for the kids downstairs. It comes with their Xtension Two Player Control Board "Emulator Edition". Looks like will work with MAME right out of the box. ​My question is if anyone else has this controller and if so how easy to setup for RetroArch and other EMUs?
  9. Loads to the Main Screen of Pinball Arcade. Just as if started it standalone. Updated to your new AHK and seems to start game. Click start then exits and back to HS.
  10. So one PopCap game working is Bejeweled 3. It loads itself fine. When launch via RL it starts but I have no mouse. Also after running few secs getting this error: There was an error waiting for the windows "ahk_pid 3108". Please check you have the correct version emulator installed for this module, followed any notes in the module, and have this emulator working outside your Frontend first. Also turn off Fade to see if you are hiding your problem.
  11. I am putting this cab in theater home so I would like to be setup nice. I am just not getting how this works. I might try again tomorrow with fresh eyes. I am getting all kinds of errors.
  12. First all I am still very new to HS and learning. I have been doing ok with console games and some of the Pinball setups. Today wife asked to get all her Big Fish Games and PopCap setup. I know this can be done just not sure how to do this. Are there any guides someone can point me to or something? Thanks!
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