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  1. I figured it out. The missing systems needed to be added to the main wheel using HyperLaunch. I've edited my first post to reflect this. Thanks, all.
  2. As a test, I synced all files for the NES, and it worked like a charm (Pretty impressive. Well worth the Platinum membership). Then, I downloaded the Nintendo DS database from Hyperlist, and put it in the folder C:\HyperSpin\Databases\Nintendo DS After a HyperSync restart: Nintendo DS is not listed in the drop-down menu of systems to link. Pressing the "Update Database" button for Nintendo DS does nothing. I'm still getting the above error messages. The debug file outputs the following: [2015-07-22 09:40:13.963] Message: Performing sanity check on Nintendo DS [2015-07-22 09:40:13.963] Message: Verifying the presence of Not Linked.xml [2015-07-22 09:40:13.964] Warning: Could not verify the presence of Not Linked.xml, redirecting to DownloadDatabase()... [2015-07-22 09:40:13.965] Message: Verifying database integrity for Not Linked.xml [2015-07-22 09:40:13.966] Warning: Could not find a dtabase suitable for Not Linked [2015-07-22 09:40:14.899] Warning: Nintendo DS has been exluded from the synchronzation job; dude really? Update you databases... [2015-07-22 09:40:16.282] Warning: Excluding Nintendo DS as it has not been properly linked... Why wouldn't HyperSync know to look for a database that shares a name with the system I'm attempting to sync?
  3. Hello, there. I've finally taken the plunge and begun my HyperSpin project in earnest. I've downloaded the full install, and gone Platinum for the HyperSync access. I was under the impression that system databases would be downloaded on sync if I didn't have them yet, as-per this statement from the release announcement: I have not found this to be the case. When I attempt to sync a system for which I have no database yet, I get a popup error, "Could not find proper database for system", and then another when I press OK, "[system] will not be synced due to malformed database." Could someone please explain the apparent discrepancy? Thank you kindly.
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